Abe, Koh HE 2.4Calculation of Muon Fluxes at the Small Atmospheric Depths
Acharya, Bannanje SripathiOG 2.2Preliminary Results on the Flux of TeV g-Rays from Crab System Obtained with the PACT at Pachmarhi
Acharya, Bannanje SripathiOG 2.2PACT Results on Very High Energy g-Ray Emission from CRAB Pulsar
Acharya, Bannanje SripathiOG 2.5High Altitude Gamma Ray Observatory at Hanle
Adams, Jr., James H.HE 1.5Depth Distribution of the Maxima of Extensive Air Shower
Adams, Jr., James H.HE 1.5A Ground-Based UV Light Source for the EUSO Mission
Adams, Jr., James H.OG 1.5The Zero-Degree Detector System
Ahluwalia, H. S.SH 2.2 Solar Cycle 23 Activity Forecast: A Look Back
Ahluwalia, H. S.SH 3.4 Understanding Cosmic Ray Solar Modulation for Cycle 20
Ahn, Hoseok OG 1.1Atic Experiment: Elemental Spectra from the Flight in 2000
Ahn, Hoseok OG 1.1Atic Experiment: Preliminary Results from the Flight in 2002
Ahn, Hoseok OG 1.5Atic Experiment: Flight Data Processing
Alania, Michael V.SH 2.2Modeling and Experimental Study of Forbush Effects of Galactic Cosmic Rays
Alania, Michael V.SH 3.2Real Distribution of the Coronal Green Line Intensity and Modelling Study of Galactic Cosmic Ray Propagation
Alania, Michael V.SH 3.2On the Relationship of the Energy Spectrum Indexes of the 11-Year Variation of Galactic Cosmic Rays and the Interplanetary Magnetic Field Strength Fluctuations
Alanko, Katja MariaSH 3.2A 2D Stochastic Simulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays Transport in the Heliosphere
Alanko, Katja MariaSH 3.3Effective Energy of Neutron Monitors
Aleem, Fazal HE 3.1How Fast Is the Growth of Total Cross Section at High Energies?
Allen, Glenn E.OG 2.2Evidence of a Curved Cosmic-Ray Electron Spectrum in the Supernova Remnant SN 1006
Alvarez-Muniz, Jaime HE 1.4Implications of the Angular Spread of Air Shower Particles for the Fluorescence Technique
Alvarez-Muniz, Jaime HE 2.5Radio Pulses Generated by Showers in Different Dense Media
Alvarez-Muniz, Jaime HE 3.1Air Shower Fluctuations and the Measurement of the Proton-Air Cross Section
Andersen, Victor HE 2.4Prompt Neutrino Production by the Lunar Surface
Andersen, Victor E.OG 1.5Monte Carlo Simulation of the Response of MARIE
Ando, Masaki OG 3.2Search for Burst Gravitational Waves Using TAMA300 Data
Ando, Shin'ichiro HE 2.4Resonant Spin-Flavor Conversion of Supernova Neutrinos
Aoki, Seiichiro OG 2.4The Log-Normal Distributions of Coronal Mass Ejection-Related Solar Flares and the Flare/CME Model of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Arai, Koji OG 3.3Report on the Observation Run of TAMA300 in the Spring of 2003
Argiro, Stefano HE 1.3Performance of the Pierre Auger Fluorescence Detector and Analysis of Well Reconstructed Events
Arisaka, Katsushi HE 1.5Production Test System and Results on Large PMTs for Pierre-Auger Surface Detectors
Arisaka, Katsushi HE 1.5“Mobile ACE” - New Approach to Reduce Systematic Errors in the Absolute Energy by Fluorescence Detectors
Arisaka, Katsushi HE 1.5Simulation of Pierre Auger Surface Detector Response to Muons
Arvela, Harri K.HE 1.5Delayed Scintillator Pulses Observed with an EAS Array
Asai, Ayumi SH 1.3Evolution of Flare Ribbons and Energy Release
Asaoka, Yoichi HE 1.5The ASHRA Detector
Athar, Husain HE 2.4High Energy Tau Neutrinos: Production, Propagation and Prospects of Observations
Ave Pernas, Maximo DavidHE 1.3Time Structure of the Shower Front as Measured at Haverah Park above 1019 eV
Ave Pernas, Maximo DavidHE 1.3A Study of Very Inclined Showers in the Pierre Auger Observatory
Ave Pernas, Maximo DavidHE 3.2Probing TeV Gravity with Extensive Air-Showers


Badruddin SH 2.2CME Types, Their Interplanetary Manifestations (ICMEs) and Effects on Cosmic Ray Intensity
Badruddin SH 2.2Statistical Procedure to Test Significance in the Analysis of Cosmic Ray Data by Superposed Epoch Method-I
Badruddin SH 3.3Variation of Cosmic Ray Intensity with Angular Distance from Earth to the Current Sheet
Bamba, Aya OG 2.2The X-ray Study of Small-Scale Shock Structures in the Non-Thermal SNRs
Banjanac, Radomir M.HE 2.1Analysis of Continuous Cosmic-Ray Measurements in Belgrade
Barbosa, Henrique Melo JorgeHE 1.4A Monte Carlo to Produce Fluorescence Photons
Barr, Giles HE 2.4A 3-Dimensional Atmospheric Neutrino Flux Calculation
Barr, Giles HE 3.1Hadroproductrion in Proton Carbon Collisions at the NA49 Experiment
Bartosik, Marek OG 2.2Injection of Heavy Nuclei by a Pulsar in the Massive Binary
Bashindzhagyan, George HE 3.1Fractionally Charged Particles in Cosmic Rays? Reevaluation of the Data
Bashindzhagyan, George OG 1.5NUCLEON Satellite Mission. Status and Plans
Bashindzhagyan, George OG 1.5Accelerator Tests of the KLEM Prototypes
Bastieri, Denis OG 2.4The MAGIC Telescope and the Observation of Gamma Ray Bursts
Bastieri, Denis OG 2.5The Reflecting Surface of the MAGIC Telescope
Bednarek, Wlodek OG 2.2Cosmic Rays and Gamma-Rays from the Pulsar in Cyg OB2
Bednarek, Wlodek OG 2.2Gamma-Rays and Neutrinos from the Pulsar Wind Nebulae
Bednarek, Wlodek OG 2.2Neutrons, Gamma-Rays and Neutrinos from the Galactic Centre
Beer, Juerg SH 3.5Properties of the Long Term Heliospheric Modulation - Tests to Be Met by Modulation Theory
Beer, Juerg SH 3.5Heliospheric Modulation over the Past 10,000 Years as Derived from Cosmogenic Nuclides
Belov, Konstantin V.HE 3.1A Measurement Technique of p-Air Inelastic Cross-Section above 1018 eV
Belz, John W.HE 1.3Anisotropy Studies of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays Using Monocular Data Collected by the High-Resolution Fly's Eye (HiRes)
BenZvi, S. HE 1.5Evaluation of Flat Microchannel Plate Photomultipliers for Use in a Portable Air Fluorescence Detector
Berezhko, Evgeny G.OG 2.2Inverse Compton Gamma-Ray Background Due to Supernova Remnants
Berezhko, Evgeny G.OG 2.2Nuclear Cosmic Rays from Supernova Remnants
Berezhko, Evgeny G.SH 1.3Solar Energetic Particle Spectra Produced by Shocks in Solar Corona
Bergman, Douglas R.HE 1.3Measurement of the Flux of UHE Cosmic Rays by the HiRes Detectors Observing in Monocular Mode
Bergman, Douglas R.HE 1.4Fits of the HiRes Spectrum to Astrophysical Models
Bertaina, Mario E.HE 1.1The Proton, Helium and CNO Fluxes at Eo ª 100 TeV from the EAS-TOP (Cherenkov) and MACRO (TeV Muon) Data at the Gran Sasso Laboratories
Bertou, Xavier HE 1.5Calibration and Monitoring of the Pierre Auger Surface Detectors
Bertucci, Bruna OG 1.1Protons with Energy E > 70 MeV Trapped in the Earth's Radiation Belts
Bertucci, Bruna OG 1.1Leptons with E > 200 MeV Trapped in the Earth's Radiation Belts Observed with the AMS Experiment
Beshtoev, Khamidbi MuchamedovichHE 2.4A Modern Theory of Neutrino Oscillations
Beshtoev, Khamidbi MuchamedovichHE 2.4Some Unsettled Questions in the Problem of Neutrino Oscillations. Mechanisms of Neutrino Oscillations
Beshtoev, Khamidbi MuchamedovichHE 2.4Some Unsettled Questions in the Problem of Neutrino Oscillations. Experiments
Bezboruah, Tulshi HE 1.3Cosmic-Ray-Air Shower Timing Experiment: Performance of a Mini Array Detector
Bhadra, Arunava HE 1.2On Scaling of Inclusive Spectra of Charged Particles in Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Bhadra, Arunava HE 1.2On the Pulsar Origin of the Knee
Bieber, John W.SH 1.4Spaceship Earth Observations of the Easter GLE
Bignotto, Michele Giovanni BattistaOG 3.3New AURIGA Cryogenic Suspension System
Blanch, Oscar HE 3.3Measuring Cosmological Parameters with MAGIC
Blasi, Pasquale OG 1.4Shock Acceleration and Gamma Radiation in Clusters of Galaxies
Blau, Bertrand OG 1.5The Superconducting Magnet System of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS-02
Bluemer, Johannes HE 1.3Semiannual Variation in the Number of Energetic Electron Precipitation Events Recorded in The Polar Atmosphere
Boezio, Mirko OG 1.5A Second Level Trigger for PAMELA
Boezio, Mirko OG 1.5ELO: The ELectron Observatory, an Instrument to Measure High-Energy Cosmic-Ray Electrons
Boliev, Musabi M.SH 3.6Meteorological Effects of a Single Cosmic Ray Component by the Data of Baksan Air Shower Array Andyrchy
Borisov, Alexander SergeevichHE 1.1Coplanar Production of Pions at Energies above 10 PeV According to Pamir Experiment Data
Bottai, Sergio HE 1.5Downward Neutrino Induced EAS with EUSO Detector
Bouwhuis, Mieke HE 2.5A Data Acquisition System for the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
Brancus, Iliana MagdalenaHE 1.1The Role of Measurements of Muon Arrival Time Distributions for the Mass Discrimination of High Energy EAS
Brancus, Iliana MagdalenaHE 2.1The Charge Ratio of the Atmospheric Muons as Probe for Azimuthal Asymmetry
Brancus, Iliana MagdalenaHE 2.4Simulation of Atmospheric Neutrino Fluxes with CORSIKA
Buenerd, Michel J.OG 1.3Atmospheric and Galactic Production and Propagation of Light Antimatter Nuclei
Buenerd, Michel J.OG 1.5The AMS-02 RICH Imager Prototype In-Beam Tests with 20 GeV/c per Nucleon Ions
Buesching, Ingo OG 1.3First Results of a New Cosmic Ray Propagation Code
Buesching, Ingo OG 1.3A New Propagation Code for Cosmic Ray Nucleons
Burgoa, Osman H.HE 1.1The Enhancement of Cosmic Rays with Energies above 10 TeV Observed at Mt. Chacaltaya
Burgoa, Osman H.OG 1.4Variational Principle for Fokker-Planck Cosmic Rays Transport Equation
Butikofer, Rolf SH 3.6SONTEL-Measurements at Gornergrat and Environmental Radioactivity


Caballero-Lopez, Rogelio AntonioSH 3.2Validity of the Force-Field Equation to Describe Cosmic Ray Modulation
Caballero-Lopez, Rogelio AntonioSH 3.2The Numerical Description of Neutral Sheet Drift Effects
Cafagna, Francesco S.OG 1.5PAMELA Space Mission: The Transition Radiation Detector
Camarri, Paolo HE 1.5The Detector Control System for the ARGO-YBJ Experiment
Camin, Daniel V.HE 1.5Tracking Stars with the Fluorescence Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Campana, Donatella OG 1.5The Time-of-Flight System of the PAMELA Experiment
Cao, Zhen HE 2.3Ultra High Energy nt Detection Using Air Shower Fluorescence/Cerenkov Light Detector
Capdevielle, Jean-Noel HE 3.1Remarkable Events in the Knee Region and Abnormal Behaviour in EAS Data
Capdevielle, Jean-Noel HE 3.1Extrapolation of Interaction Models above LHC Energies and Fast Simulation Procedures for Giant EAS
Carlson, Per HE 2.4Atmospheric Proton and Helium Fluxes Compared to AIRES Simulation Results
Carlson, Per OG 2.5Radiation Hardness Tests of CsI(Tl) Crystals for the GLAST Electromagnetic Calorimeter
Carson, Michael J.HE 3.3Dark Matter Experiments at Boulby Mine
Casadei, Diego OG 1.3The Local Interstellar Spectrum of Cosmic Ray Electrons
Casadei, Diego OG 1.5The AMS-02 Time of Flight System. Final Design
Casaus, Jorge OG 1.5Cosmic-Ray Astrophysics with AMS-02
Casolino, Marco SH 1.5Solar Particle Events Observation Capabilities of PAMELA Experiment
Casolino, Marco SH 3.6Light Flashes Observations on Board Mir and ISS with Sileye Experiments
Casolino, Marco SH 3.6Relative Nuclear Abundances Measurements Inside Mir and ISS with Sileye-2 and Sileye-3 Experiments
Catalano, Osvaldo HE 1.5Measurements of Diffuse Night Sky Background
Catalano, Osvaldo HE 1.5The EUSO Instrument Onboard the International Space Station
Cecchi, Claudia HE 3.4The AMS-02 Tracker
Cecchini, Stefano HE 3.3Search for Magnetic Monopoles at a High Altitude Laboratory
Cecchini, Stefano OG 1.1The CAKE Balloon Experiment
Cecchini, Stefano SH 2.2Cosmic Ray Intensity Variations Observed by Environmental Radiation Monitors
Cecchini, Stefano SH 3.6Estimation of the Radioactivity Level Induced by Airborne Radio-Nuclide Rainout Episodes
Cecchini, Stefano SH 3.6On the Acceleration of the Secondary Cosmic Ray Component in Low Atmosphere by Thunderstorms
Cecchini, Stefano SH 3.6Measurements of the Gamma-Ray Spectrum in the Range 3-15 MeV at Different Atmospheric Depths
Celio, Paola HE 1.5ARGO-YBJ Computing Model. Data Analysis and Hardware/Software Architecture of the Processing Farm
Chadwick, Paula M.OG 2.5Implications of LIDAR Observations at the H.E.S.S. Site in Namibia for Energy Calibration of the Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes
Chang, Jin OG 1.1High Energy Cosmic Ray Electron Spectra Measured from the ATIC Balloon Experiment
Chang, Jin OG 1.5Shower Difference between Electron and Proton in Simulation and Flight Data
Chang, Jin OG 1.5Expected Performance of CALET from Simulation
Chauhan, M.L. SH 3.3Effect of Interplanetary Turbulences Causing Unusual Behaviour in CR Intensity
Cherry, Michael OG 1.5Transition Radiation from Radiators with Varying Periodicity
Chiavassa, Andrea HE 1.1Lateral Distribution Function of EAS Cherenkov Light: Experiment Quest and Corsika Simulation
Chiavassa, Andrea HE 1.5KASCADE-Grande: The Grande Array
Chikawa, Michiyuki HE 1.5Atmospheric Monitoring for the Telescope Array Experiment
Chirkin, Dmitry A.HE 2.1Cosmic Ray Flux Measurement with AMANDA-II
Chou, Aaron S.HE 1.4A New Software Package for Computing the Time-Dependent Aperture of the Auger Surface Detector
Choutko, Vitali OG 1.1Search for Doubly Charged Anomalously Heavy Nuclei with AMS Detector in Space
Chubenko, Alexander P.HE 1.1The Modern Status of Anomalous Delayed Particles Effect in the "Knee" Region EAS According to the Data of Tien Shan Mountain Station
Chubenko, Alexander P.HE 1.5Multiplicity Spectrum of NM64 Neutron Supermonitor and Hadron Energy Spectrum at Mountain Level
Chupp, Edward LowellSH 1.1What We Know and Do Not Know about High Energy Neutral Emissions from Solar Flares (A Challenge for Future Missions)
Chuychai, Piyanate SH 2.1Conditional Statistics of Magnetic Turbulence and the Lateral Transport of Solar Energetic Particles
Chye, James DominicHE 1.5Environmental Testing of the Front-End Electronics for the Auger Observatory Surface Detector
Cini Castagnoli, Giuliana SH 3.4GCR Flux Decline during the Last Three Centuries: Extra-Terrestrial and Terrestrial Evidences
Circella, Marco HE 2.5Toward the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope: Results from a Prototype Line
Clavel, Jean HE 1.5The Extreme Universe Space Observatory (EUSO) Mission in the Context of ESA
Clay, Roger WilliamHE 1.3The Anisotropy Search Program for the Pierre Auger Observatory
Clay, Roger WilliamHE 1.3Note on the Arrival Directions of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
Clem, John MasonSH 3.4Cosmic Ray Electron and Positron Observations during the A- Magnetic Polarity
Cliver, Edward W.SH 1.3Coronal Shocks and Solar Energetic Proton Events
Codino, Antonio HE 1.2The Residence Time of Cosmic Rays in the Galactic Disk at Energies around the Knee
Codino, Antonio OG 1.3The Size of Collecting Regions in the Galactic Disk for Proton, Beryllium, Carbon and Iron Cosmic Rays
Cohen, C. M.S.SH 1.2Modelling Energy-Dependent Fe/O Ratios Observed above 12 MeV/Nucleon
Cohen, Fabrice HE 1.4Time Distributions of Electromagnetic and Hadronic Components in Giant EAS
Conti, Livia OG 3.4Dual Detector of Gravitational Waves
Cornils, Rene OG 2.5Mirror Alignment and Performance of the Optical System of the H.E.S.S. Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes
Cortina, Eduardo OG 1.5AMS-02 Electronics
Cortina, Juan OG 2.5An Absolute Light Flux Calibration for the MAGIC Telescope
Cortina, Juan OG 2.5Camera Control and Central Control of the MAGIC Telescope
Cortina-Gil, Eduardo HE 3.4The AMS-02 Tracker Performance
Covault, Corbin E.OG 2.3Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei by the Solar Tower Atmospheric Cherenkov Effect Experiment (STACEE)
Cui, Shuwang OG 2.2A Wide Sky Survey for TeV g-Ray Sources by Using the Tibet-III Air Shower Array
Cui, Shuwang OG 2.2Search for VHE Gamma Ray Emission from SNRs with the Data of Tibet ASg III
Cummings, A. C.SH 3.1Voyager 1 Observations of the Anisotropies of Enhanced MeV Ion Fluxes at 85 AU
Cummings, A. C.SH 3.3Voyager Observations of Anomalous Cosmic Ray Gradients and the Role of Diffusion and Drifts in the Outer Heliosphere


D'Ali Staiti, Giacomo HE 1.5Simulation and Data Analysis for EUSO
D'Ali Staiti, Giacomo HE 1.5The Scientific Baseline to Have an Atmosphere Sounding System Coupled to the EUSO Detector
D'Andrea, Christopher P.HE 1.5A Proportional Wire Chamber Array: GRAND's Status
D'Andrea, Christopher P.OG 2.4Search for Sub-TeV Gamma Rays Coincident with BATSE Gamma Ray Bursts
D'Andrea, Christopher P.SH 1.4A Study of the Ground Level Event of April 15, 2001 with GRAND
de Koning, Curt A.SH 2.3Probing the Turbulent Solar Wind with Cosmic Rays
de Koning, Curt A.SH 2.3Observations of the Particle-Field Correlation
De Marco, Daniel HE 1.4The GZK Feature in the Spectrum of UHECRs: What Is It Telling Us?
De Marinis, Eleonora HE 1.2The Primary Cosmic Ray All Nucleon Spectrum as Seen by ARGO-YBJ
de Naurois, Mathieu OG 2.5Application of an Analysis Method Based on a Semi-Analytical Shower Model to the First H·E·S·S· Telescope
de Nolfo, Georgia A.OG 1.1New Measurements of the Li, Be, and B Isotopes as a Test of Cosmic Ray Transport Models
Decker, Robert BlairSH 3.1Energetic Particle Intensity Increases at Voyagers 1 and 2 during 2002-03
Decker, Robert BlairSH 3.1Angular Distributions and Energy Spectra of Energetic Particles Observed by Voyager 1 at 85-88 AU
Dedenko, Leonid G.HE 1.4The GZK Paradox and Estimation of Energy of the Primary Cosmic Rays
Dedenko, Leonid G.HE 2.1The Study of Elemental Species or the Primary Cosmic Rays at Energies 1013-1016 eV by the LVD Experiment
Dedenko, Leonid G.HE 2.1The Evidence for the Variation of the Mass Composition with Energy in the Region of the Knee by the LVD Experiment
Den, Mitsue SH 2.3Particle Acceleration at Coronal Mass Ejection-Driven Shock Waves: Modeling of Enhancement in Low-Energy Range of a Proton Flux
Derome, Laurent HE 2.43-Dimensional Simulation of Atmospheric Muon and Neutrino Flux
Derome, Laurent HE 3.3An Improved Gamma-Ray Limit on the Density of Primordial Black Holes
Derome, Laurent OG 1.5Atmospheric Protons and Antiprotons from Sea Level to Satellite Altitudes
Desai, Shantanu A.HE 3.3Study of Upward Showering Muons in Super-Kamiokande
Desiati, Paolo HE 2.3Response of AMANDA-II to Cosmic Ray Muons
Desorgher, Laurent SH 1.3Estimation of the SONTRAC Detector Efficiency for Solar Flare Neutrons by Geant4 Monte Carlo Simulations
Desorgher, Laurent SH 3.6Geant4 Simulation of the Propagation of Cosmic Rays through the Earth's Atmosphere
Desorgher, Laurent SH 3.6Geant4 Application for Simulating the Propagation of Cosmic Rays through the Earth's Magnetosphere
Dev Choudhury, Balendra KrHE 3.3Hênon-Heiles Type Hamiltonian in Cosmological Perspective
DiSciascio, Giuseppe HE 1.2Sensitivity of the ARGO-YBJ Strip Size Spectrum to Different Models of the Primary Cosmic Ray Composition in the Energy Range 10 ½500 TeV
DiSciascio, Giuseppe OG 2.5Identification of Showers with Cores Outside the ARGO-YBJ Detector
Djannati-Atai, Arache OG 2.3First Results from Southern Hemisphere AGN Observations Obtained with the H·E·S·S· VHE Gamma-Ray Telescopes
Donato, Fiorenza HE 3.3Cosmic Ray Antiprotons from Relic Neutralinos in a Diffusion Model
Donato, Fiorenza OG 1.3Stable and Radioactive Nuclei in a Diffusion Model
Donea, Alina C.HE 1.4Cosmic Rays from the Nucleus of M87
Donea, Alina C.OG 2.3Absorption of GeV and TeV g-Rays in M87 and 3C 273
Donea, Alina CatalinaOG 2.3A Hadronic Model for Gamma-Ray Loud Quasars
Dorman, Lev I.SH 2.1The Second Order Pitch-Angle Approximation for the Cosmic Ray Fokker-Planck Kinetic Equations
Dorman, Lev I.SH 3.2Expected Relative Role of Convection-Diffusion and Drift Mechanisms in Long-Term Variation for Small Cosmic Ray Energies
Dorman, Lev I.SH 3.4 Hysteresis between Cosmic Rays and Solar Activity on the Basis of Small Energy Alpha-Particle Satellite Data
Dorman, Lev I.SH 3.4 Long-Term Variation of Small Energy Proton Intensity According to Satellite Data and Hysteresis between Cosmic Rays and Solar Activity
Dorman, Lev I.SH 3.6The Relation between Malfunctions of Satellites at Different Orbits and Cosmic Ray Variations
Dorman, Lev I.SH 3.6Principles of Cosmic Ray Using for Space Weather Monitoring and Forecasting
Dorofeev, Alexei V.HE 1.3Distribution Functions of Muons in Inclined Showers Registered by Auger Observatory
Dova, Maria TeresaHE 1.3Asymmetries Observed in Giant Air Showers Using Water Cherenkov Detectors
Drescher, Hans-Joachim HE 1.4A Fast Hybrid Approach to Air Shower Simulations and Applications
Drury, Luke O'C.HE 1.2The Bell-Lucek Mechanism in SNRs and the "Knee" in the Cosmic Ray Spectrum
Dubey, Sushil KumarSH 3.3Study of High/Low Amplitude Wave Trains in CR Intensity and Associated Solar Features
Dubey, Sushil KumarSH 3.4Variation of Diurnal Anisotropy during 1964-95
Duldig, Marc SH 1.4Further Fine Time Resolution Analysis of the Bastille Day 2000 GLE


El-Borie, Mohamed AliSH 2.1The Observational Aspects of the Three Largest Solar-Energetic Particle Fluxes: 19-20/10/1989, 14/7/2000 and 9/11/2000
El-Borie, Mohamed AliSH 2.1Large Solar Proton Events in Association with Large Solar Flares from January 1996 to May 2001
El-Borie, Mohamed AliSH 2.1Major Solar-Energetic Particles and the Associated GLEs
Engel, Ralph HE 1.2Influence of Low-Energy Hadronic Interaction Programs on Air Shower Simulations with CORSIKA
Engel, Ralph HE 1.4One-Dimensional Hybrid Simulation of EAS Using Cascade Equations
Engel, Ralph HE 3.1TARGET 2.2 - A Hadronic Interaction Model for Studying Inclusive Muon and Neutrino Fluxes
Enomoto, Ryoji OG 2.5Status of CANGAROO-III
Enqvist, Timo T.HE 1.5Underground Multimuon Experiment in Pyhäsalmi Mine
Erlykin, Anatoly D.OG 2.1Predictions for the Magnitude of the Galactic Plane Excess at TeV Gamma Ray Energies
Erlykin, Anatoly D.OG 2.2Can One See Gamma Rays from the Single Source Responsible for the Knee?
Espirito Santo, Maria Catarina HE 1.5EUSO Operations: Flight and Ground
Espirito Santo, Maria Catarina HE 1.5The EUSO Science Operations and Data Centre
Evenson, Paul A.SH 2.1Calculation of Type III Radio Emission from a Particle Transport Model


Farahat, Ashraf M.OG 1.3Calculation of Elemental and Isotopic Abundance of Cosmic Rays Using Markov Stochastic Theory: The Effect of Local Superbubble
Fazely, Ali RezaOG 1.1Relative Abundances and Energy Spectra of C, N, and O as Measured by the Advanced Thin Ionization Calorimeter Balloon Experiment
Fegan, S. J.OG 2.5Performance of the VERITAS-4 Array
Feser, Thomas HE 2.3Online Search for Neutrino Bursts from Supernovae with the AMANDA Detector
Fick, Brian EdwinHE 1.3Hybrid Performance of the Pierre Auger Observatory and Reconstruction of Hybrid Events
Finley, Chad B.HE 1.3Small-Scale Anisotropy Studies of the Highest Energy Cosmic Rays Observed in Stereo by HiRes
Florinski, Vladimir SH 3.1Heliospheric Termination Shock Mediation by Anomalous Cosmic Rays: Insights from Recent Voyager Data
Florinski, Vladimir SH 3.2Galactic Cosmic-Ray Interactions with the Outer Heliosphere: A Self-Consistent Approach
Fluckiger, Erwin SH 2.2Interplanetary Magnetic Field Disturbances with Particularly High Cosmic Ray Modulation Efficiency
Fluckiger, Erwin SH 3.6Global Cosmic Ray Cutoff Rigidities over the Past 2000 Years
Flueckiger, Erwin O.SH 1.1GEANT Applications for the Interpretation of Ground-Based Solar Neutron Observations
Fokitis, Emmanuel HE 1.4Systematic Calculation of the Efficiency of the Fluorescence Detector Using Appropriate EAS Simulations
Fokitis, Emmanuel D.HE 1.5A Novel Approach in Detecting the UHECR Using EAS Telescopes Notch Optical Filters Combining Optimum Sensitivity for Cherenkov and Fluorescence Contributions
Fonseca, Maria VictoriaOG 2.2Predicted Sensitivity of the MAGIC Telescope for Gamma Ray Pulsars
Fujii, Zenjiro SH 3.2Radial Intensity Gradients and Diffusion Coefficients of Cosmic Rays in the Outer Heliosphere at Solar Maximum
Fujii, Zenjiro SH 3.3High-Speed Solar-Wind Streams from Coronal Holes and Modulation of Cosmic Ray Diurnal Anisotropy
Fujimoto, Kazuhiko SH 2.2Observation of Precursory Decrease by the Narrow Angle Muon Telescope at MT. Norikura
Fuke, Hideyuki OG 1.1Search for Cosmic-Ray Antideuteron with the BESS Spectrometer
Fuki, Michio OG 1.5Calculation of Cosmic-Ray Proton and Anti-Proton Spatial Distribution in Magnetosphere
Fukushima, Masaki HE 1.5The Telescope Array Experiment: An Overview and Physics Aims
Fulgione, Walter HE 2.310 Years Search for Neutrino Bursts with LVD
Fulgione, Walter OG 3.5Search for Correlations between GW Detectors and the LVD Neutrino Telescope


Gaisser, Thomas K.HE 1.5IceTop: The Surface Component of IceCube
Gammell, Stephen OG 2.2A Search for Pulsed TeV Gamma-Ray Emission from the Crab Pulsar Using the Whipple High Resolution GRANITE III Camera
Gammell, Stephen JamesOG 2.5Selection Strategies for Low Energy Events in Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes
Gando, Yoshihito HE 2.2Search for ne from the Sun at Super-Kamiokande-I
Geenen, Heiko HE 2.3Atmospheric Neutrino and Muon Spectra Measured with the AMANDA-II Detector
Geier, Sven SH 1.2Possible Detection of Large Solar Particle Event at Balloon Altitudes during the 2001-2002 TIGER Flight
Gemmeke, Hartmut E.H.HE 1.5Statistical Calibration and Background Measurements of the Auger Fluorescence Detector
Gemmeke, Hartmut E.H.HE 1.5The Slow Control System of the Auger Fluorescence Detectors
Gentile, Simonetta OG 1.5The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station
Gentile, Simonetta OG 1.5The AMS-02 TRD for the International Space Station
Gentile, Simonetta D.OG 1.5The Performance of the AMS-02 TRD
Ghia, Piera LuisaHE 1.1The Cosmic Ray Anisotropy between 1014 and 1015 eV
Ghia, Piera LuisaHE 1.3Shower Studies at around 1018 eV with the Surface Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Gibbs, Kenneth OG 2.3Search for TeV Emission at the Location of Milagro Sky Survey Hot Spot Using the Whipple Gamma-Ray Telescope
Gibbs, Kenneth OG 2.5The VERITAS Atmospheric Cerenkov Telescopes: Positioner, Optics and Associated Components
Gibbs, Kenneth OG 2.5Control Software for the VERITAS Cerenkov Telescope System
Giller, Maria HE 1.4Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays at 1018 eV from Single Galactic Sources
Goebel, Florian OG 2.5The Data Acquisition of the MAGIC Telescope
Goetting, Niels OG 2.3The Giant Radio Galaxy M 87 as a TeV g-Ray Emitter Observed with the HEGRA Cherenkov Telescopes
Gomez-Herrero, Raul SH 1.23He-Rich SEP Events Detected by EPHIN 1996-2000
Gomez-Herrero, Raul SH 3.2Heliospheric Modulation Potential from SOHO/EPHIN Observations of Protons
Gomez-Herrero, Raul SH 3.3Anomalous 4He Observation with EPHIN on Board SOHO during 1996 and 1997
Gonzalez-Mestres, Luis HE 1.4Testing Scenarios of Lorentz Symmetry Violation Generated at the Planck Scale
Gonzalez-Mestres, Luis HE 1.4Internal Structure of Ultra-High Energy Particles with Lorentz Symmetry Violation at the Planck Scale
Gonzalez-Mestres, Luis HE 3.3Superluminal Particles, Cosmology and Cosmic-Ray Physics
Gopalswamy, Nat SH 2.2Coronal and Interplanetary Environment of Large Solar Energetic Particle Events
Gran, Richard HE 1.1Composition of Cosmic Rays from Coincidences between Air Showers and Muons in the Soudan2 Detector
Gran, Richard HE 1.5The Washington Large Area Time Coincidence Array
Grasso, Dario HE 1.4Constrained Simulations of the Magnetic Field in the Local Supercluster and the Propagation of UHECR
Grasso, Dario OG 3.1Graviton Production by a Thermal Bath
Grieder, Peter K.F.HE 2.3NESTOR Neutrino Telescope Status Report
Grigoryev, Vladislav G.SH 2.2Dynamics of the Cosmic Ray Current Behaviour during Large-Scale Solar Wind Disturbances
Grigoryev, Vladislav G.SH 3.3Investigation of Small Currents of Galactic Cosmic Rays
Grimani, Catia HE 1.4A Possible Contribution of Companion Galaxies to Intra and Extra-Cluster UHE Cosmic Rays
Guerard, Carlos KjellHE 1.4A Top-Down Technique as an Analysis Tool for Auger Fluorescence Data
Guerard, Carlos KjellHE 1.4Auger-South Hybrid Sensitivity to Highly Inclined Hadron-Induced Air-Showers: Mass Composition at High Energy
Gunji, Shuichi OG 2.5Performance of Newly Developed Hard X-Ray Polarimeter with Multianode PMT
Gupta, Sunil K.HE 1.1A New Measurement on the Energy Spectrum of Primary Cosmic Rays in the Energy Region 1014-1016eV, with GRAPES-3 Experiment


Habig, Alec T.HE 2.2Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations in SK-I
Hada, Tohru SH 2.3Pitch Angle Diffusion of Energetic Particles by Large Amplitude MHD Waves
Haino, Sadakazu OG 1.1Cosmic-Ray Proton and Helium Spectra Measured with BESS-TeV
Hams, Thomas OG 1.1Measurement of Electron Spectrum to High Energies with the BESS-1999 Experiment
Hareyama, Makoto OG 1.1Primary Proton and Helium Spectra Observed by RUNJOB Collaboration
Hareyama, Makoto OG 1.3Cosmic-Ray Propagation and the Energy Spectra Observed on Earth
Hareyama, Makoto OG 1.3Abundance Ratio of Secondary to Primary Expected from the Boundaryless Galaxy Model
Haruyama, Tomiyoshi OG 3.4Present Technology for Reduction of Vibration in Cryocooler
Hasebe, Nobuyuki SH 1.5Heavy Ion Telescope Onboard the "TSUBASA" Satellite
Hattori, Takahiro OG 2.3Observation of 3EG J1234-1318 with the CANGAROO-II Telescope
Haungs, Andreas HE 1.1Analysis of Air Showers at the Trigger Threshold of KASCADE
Haungs, Andreas HE 1.1Muon Density Measurements as Probe of the Muon Component of Air-Shower Simulations
Haungs, Andreas HE 1.5The KASCADE-Grande Experiment
Hayashi, Seiichi OG 2.2Observation of Sub-TeV Gamma Rays from SS433/W50 with the CANGAROO-II Telescope
Hayashi, Seiichi OG 2.5Development of Stereoscopic Control System for the CANGAROO-III Telescopes
Hayashi, Yoshio OG 2.1Upper Limit on the Diffuse Gamma Ray Flux Using Air Shower Observations at Ooty
He, Huihai HE 1.5The Online System of the ARGO Experiment
Heijboer, Aart HE 2.3Point Source Searches with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
Heinzelmann, Goetz OG 2.3Highlights from 6 Years of TeV Gamma-Ray Astrophysics with the HEGRA Imaging Cherenkov Telescopes
Henize, Vance K.SH 3.2Modeling a Few-MeV Jovian and Galactic Electron Spectra in the Inner Heliosphere
Hernandez-Rey, Juan-Jose HE 2.5Time Calibration of the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
Hibino, Kinya OG 2.5The Diamond Compton Recoil Telescope
Hill, Gary OG 2.4Searching for High Energy Muon Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts with AMANDA
Hill, Gary ColinHE 2.3Search for Diffuse Fluxes of Extraterrestrial Muon-Neutrinos with the AMANDA Detectors
Hill, Matthew E.SH 3.3Sustained Energetic Particle Intensity Enhancements at Voyager 1 Beginning in 2002
Hill, Matthew E.SH 3.3Quasi-Local and Non-Local Intensity Gradients of Anomalous Cosmic Rays
Hillman, Lloyd W.HE 1.5Wide-Angle Optical Telescope for the EUSO Experiments
Ho, George C.SH 2.3Energetic Electrons Associated with Transient Interplanetary Shocks: Evidence for Weak Interaction
Hoerandel, Joerg RudolfHE 1.1A Measurement of the Energy Spectrum of Unaccompanied Hadrons
Hoerandel, Joerg RudolfHE 1.2The Knee in the Energy Spectrum of Cosmic Rays in the Framework of the Poly-Gonato and Diffusion Models
Hoerandel, Joerg RudolfHE 3.1Investigation of Geometrical Structures in the Hadronic Shower Core
Hofmann, Werner HE 3.3Search for TeV Gamma-Rays from the Andromeda Galaxy and for Supersymmetric Dark Matter in the Core of M31
Hofmann, Werner OG 2.5Status of the H.E.S.S. Project
Holder, Jamie OG 2.3Search for Very High Energy Gamma Rays from an X-Ray Selected Blazar Sample
Holder, Jamie OG 2.3Whipple Observations of 1ES1959+650: An Update
Homola, Piotr HE 1.4Identification of Photons in Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
Homola, Piotr HE 1.4Contribution of Multiple Scattering of Cherenkov Photons to Shower Optical Image
Honda, Ken HE 1.3The Arrival Time Distribution far from the Core of Air Showers above 1018 eV Measured in AGASA
Honda, Morihiro HE 2.4A Precise Three-Dimensional Calculation of the Atmospheric Neutrino Flux
Honda, Yasuko S.HE 1.4Acceleration of Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays by Shocks in Active Galactic Nuclei
Horan, Deirdre OG 2.3VHE Observations of BL Lacertae Objects: 1995-2000
Horan, Deirdre OG 2.3Observations of H1426+428 from 1999 to 2002 with the Whipple Observatory 10 m Telescope
Horneffer, Andreas HE 1.5LOPES - Detecting Radio Emission from Cosmic Ray Air Showers
Horns, Dieter OG 2.2Studies of the Crab Nebula Based upon 400 Hours of Observations with the HEGRA System of Cherenkov Telescopes
Horns, Dieter OG 2.3High Energy Emission from H1426+428 and Absorption on the Extragalactic Background Light
Hoshino, Masahiro OG 1.4Nonthermal Electron Acceleration at Supernova Shocks: Relativistic Shock Surfing Mechanism
Hu, Hongbo OG 2.5Maximizing Signal Search Sensitivity Using the Likelihood Ratio as Event Weight
Huang, Ching-Yuan OG 2.1Gamma-Ray Energy Spectra through Decays of Neutral Pions Produced in Proton-Proton Interactions
Huang, Ching-Yuan OG 3.5Bondi Mass in Scalar Fields
Huang, Minghuey A.HE 2.4Energy Fluctuation of Tau Leptons Emerging from Earth
Huang, Ming-Huey AlfredHE 1.4Monte-Carlo Simulation of Horizontal Air Shower
Huege, Tim HE 1.2Radio Emission from EAS - Coherent Geosynchrotron Radiation
Huentemeyer, Petra H.HE 1.5An Experiment to Measure the Air Fluorescence Yield in Electromagnetic Showers
Humble, John E.SH 3.6The Effect of Variable Directions of Viewing on the Interpretation of Diurnal Variations Observed by Neutron Monitors
Hundertmark, Stephan HE 2.3AMANDA-B10 Limit on UHE Muon-Neutrinos


Iacovacci, Michele HE 1.5Analog Read-Out of the RPCs in the ARGO-YBJ Experiment
Ichimura, Masakatsu OG 1.1Heavy Primary Spectrum Obtained by "Jet Trigger" Method
Ihara, Akifumi SH 2.2A Global Structure of the Magnetic Flux Rope Observed in Interplanetary Space Fitted by a Torus-Type Force-Free Model
Inoue, Naoya HE 1.4Features of Inclined Air Showers Induced by EHE Gamma Rays
Inoue, Naoya HE 1.4Simulation Studies on Air Fluorescence and Cerenkov Lights from UHE Air Showers for EUSO Experiment
Ivanov, Anatoly A.HE 1.3A Wavelet-Based Approach to UHECR Arrival Direction Analysis
Ivanov, Anatoly A.HE 1.3Analysis of the Energy Estimation Algorithm of UHECRs Detected with the Yakutsk Array
Iyono, Atsushi HE 1.1Simulation Study on the Performance of Synchronized Compact Arrays within 1 Km Baseline
Iyono, Atsushi HE 1.1The Meteorological Effects of Cosmic Ray Intensity at Sea Level Observed at Multiple EAS Arrays in LAAS Experiments
Iyono, Atsushi SH 3.4The Cosmic Ray Intensity Correlation with the Sunspot Number in LAAS Experiments


Jokipii, Jack R.SH 2.3Diffusive Compression Acceleration of Charged Particles
Jokipii, Jack R.SH 3.1Anomalous Cosmic Rays at a Termination-Shock Crossing
Jones, Frank C.OG 1.3GALPROP: New Developments in CR Propagation Code
Jones, Frank C.OG 1.3Dissipation of Hydromagnetic Waves on Energetic Particles: Impact on Interstellar Turbulence and Cosmic Ray Transport
Jones, Frank CulverHE 1.2The Cosmic-Ray Knee: Still a Mystery
Jones, Lawrence W.HE 1.1EAS Muon Distributions and Primary Mass Composition from the GAMMA Installation
Jones, Lawrence W.HE 1.2A New Possibility to Determine the Mass Composition around the Knee with EAS Observed in Altitude (700 g.cm-2)
Jones, Lawrence W.HE 3.1The Accelerator Data - Cosmic Ray Monte Carlo Interface; An Update
Jones, Thomas W.OG 1.4Simulating Particle Acceleration in Modified Shocks Using a New Coarse-Grained Finite Momentum-Volume Scheme
Jones, Thomas W.OG 1.4Shock Waves and Cosmic Rays in the Large Scale Structure of the Universe


Kabuki, Shigeto OG 2.5Performance of the Atmospheric Cherenkov Imaging Camera for the CANGAROO-III Experiment
Kahler, Stephen W.SH 1.3Solar Fast Wind Regions as Sources of Gradual 20 MeV Solar Energetic Particle Events
Kahler, Stephen W.SH 1.4Onsets of Solar Cycle 23 Ground Level Events as Probes of Solar Energetic Particle Injections at the Sun
Kahler, Stephen W.SH 2.1Spatial Intensity Gradients of Impulsive Particle Events and Supradiffusive Magnetic Fields
Kajino, Fumiyoshi OG 2.5Absolute Number Calibration of Photoelectrons of Photomultiplier Tubes Using the Nature of Statistical Distribution
Kakimoto, Fumio HE 1.5The Telescope Array Experiment: Hybrid Measurement of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays in Northern Hemisphere
Kakimoto, Fumio OG 2.5A New Project to Detect GRBs with E > 30 GeV at Mt. Chacaltaya
Kanda, Nobuyuki OG 3.2Progresses of Search for Gravitational Wave Events Using TAMA300 Data
Kang, Hyesung OG 1.4Cosmic Ray Acceleration at Quasi-Parallel Plane Shocks
Kang, Hyesung OG 2.3Evolution and Properties of the Intracluster Medium in the Presence of Cosmic Ray Sources
Karle, Albrecht HE 2.3Search for Extraterrestrial Point Sources of Neutrinos with AMANDA-II
Karpov, Sergei N.SH 1.4A Search for the 200 GeV Muon Intensity Bursts during Powerful Solar Flares of 23rd Solar Cycle
Karpov, Sergei N.SH 1.4GLE Observations in 23rd Solar Cycle at the Baksan Air Shower Arrays Andyrchy and Carpet
Karpov, Sergei N.SH 1.5Yield and Response Functions of the Baksan EAS-Array Andyrchy for Single Component
Kasahara, Kunihiko OG 3.4Study of Heat Links for a Cryogenic Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detector
Katagiri, Hideaki OG 2.2Observation of Sub-TeV Gamma-Rays from RX J0852.0- 4622 with the CANGAROO-II Telescope
Katayose, Yusaku OG 1.5Development of Total Absorption Calorimeter of CALET
Kato, Chihiro SH 2.31.7 Year Quasi-Periodicity in Cosmic Ray Intensity Variation
Katsavounidis, Erik OG 3.3LIGO Detectors and Data Analyses: Current Status and Future Prospects
Kaushik, Subhash ChandraSH 2.2Study of Forbush Decrease Event and Associated Geomagnetic Field Variation during Space Radiation Storm
Kaushik, Subhash ChandraSH 2.3Interplanetary Transient Plasma Signatures and Associated Cosmic Ray Intensity Variation
Kawai, Nobuyuki OG 2.4Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts by HETE-2
Kawakami, Saburo HE 1.5The Telescope Array Experiment: The Search for the Clusters in the Northern Hemisphere Sky with a Large Scintillator Array
Kawakami, Saburo SH 1.4Search for Muons in Association with Large Solar Flares with the GRAPES-3 Multidirectional Muon Telescope at Ooty
Kawasumi, Norio HE 1.1A Halo Event Observed by Hybrid Experiment at Mt. Chacaltaya
Kawata, Kazumasa OG 2.3Observation of Multi-TeV Gamma Rays from Mrk 421 and Search for Other BL Lac Objects with the Tibet-III Air Shower Array
Kecskemety, Karoly SH 2.1Some Statistical Properties of the Decay Phase of SEP-Events
Kecskemety, Karoly SH 2.3The Relation of Variations of Solar and Galactic Cosmic Ray Fluxes with Parameters of Interplanetary Medium under Quiet Solar Conditions
Kecskemety, Karoly SH 3.1On the Possible Detection of the Outer Heliospheric Boundary Signatures in Accelerated Ions Seen by Voyager 1 Beginning From July 2002
Kemp, Ernesto HE 1.5Study of the Fluorescence Yield for Electrons between 0.5 - 2.2 MeV
Kido, Tadashi HE 3.3An Upper Limit on Cosmic-Ray p / p Flux Ratio Estimated by the Moon's Shadow with the Tibet-III Air Shower Array
Kieda, David B.HE 1.2Characteristics of Ultra-Heavy Cosmic Ray Nuclei in the PeV-EeV Energy Region
Kieda, David B.OG 2.5Calibration Systems for the VERITAS Observatory
Kieda, David B.OG 2.5Signal Cable Selection for the VERITAS Observatory
Kiraly, Peter SH 3.4The Solar Cycle and Energetic Particle Streaming Patterns in and around the Terrestrial Magnetosphere
Kirillov, Alexander A.HE 1.4Description of Cascades with Energies above the GZK Cut-Off
Kirillov, Alexander A.HE 1.4Application and Properties of the Probability Density Aexp(-(x-c)2/(a(x-c)+2b2))
Kitamura, Hisashi OG 1.5Performance of the PPB-BETS Confirmed by Accelerator Beam Tests
Klecker, Berndt SH 1.2On the Energy Dependence of Ionic Charge States
Klecker, Berndt SH 1.2Suprathermal Ion and Solar Wind Charge States: A Comparison
Knapp, Johannes HE 1.4Systematic Uncertainties in High-Energy Hadronic Interaction Models
Knurenko, Stanislav P.HE 1.3A Portion of Energy Transferred to the EAS Electron - Photon Component at E0 > 1015 eV
Koang, Dy-Holm HE 1.5EUSO Analog Front End Electronics
Koang, Dy-Holm HE 1.5EUSO Analog Front End Electronics and Calibrations
Kobayakawa, Keizo HE 1.5Photon Yields from Dry Air Excited by Electrons
Kodaira, Satoshi OG 1.5Identification of Iron Isotopes Using CR-39 Track Detector
Kohama, Mitsuhiro OG 2.5Monitor of All-Sky X-Ray Image(MAXI) Mission
Kohri, Kazunori HE 3.4Particle Physics in ASHRA
Kojima, Hiroshi SH 3.3Observation of Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays with Solar Time Using the Multidirectional Muon Telescope of GRAPES-3 Shower Array
Kojima, Hiroshi SH 3.3Studies on Cosmic Ray Sidereal Anisotropy with the Multidirectional Muon Telescope at Ooty
Komori, Yoshiko OG 1.3Second-Order Fermi Acceleration in the Interstellar Medium and Its Effects on Cosmic-Ray Electrons
Komori, Yoshiko SH 3.2Solar Modulation of Galactic Electrons and Their Diffusion Coefficient in the Heliosphere
Konishi, Eiichi HE 2.4Discrimination of Muon Neutrino from Electron Neutrino in the Virtual Super-Kamiokande Detector
Konopelko, Alexander K.OG 2.3Modeling the IR De-Absorbed g-Ray Spectra of TeV BL Lacs
Konopelko, Alexander K.OG 2.5Study of the Performance of a Single Stand-Alone H.E.S.S. Telescope: Monte Carlo Simulations and Data
Kopenkin, Vladimir V.HE 3.1Centauro I: Finding the Answer
Koshio, Yusuke HE 2.2Recent Results of Solar Neutrino Measurement in Super-Kamiokande
Kota, Jozsef SH 2.1Acceleration and Transport of Solar Energetic Particles: Modeling CME Driven Shocks
Kota, Jozsef SH 3.2Cosmic Rays and the Global Heliospheric Magnetic Field: Meridional Motion of Footpoints
Kota, Jozsef SH 3.2Cosmic Ray Transport beyond the Termination Shock: Modulation in the Heliosheath
Kowalski, Marek P.HE 2.3Search for High Energy Neutrinos of All Flavors with AMANDA II
Kowalski, Marek P.HE 2.3Results from the BAIKAL Neutrino Telescope
Kowalski, Marek P.HE 2.4High Energy Neutrino Generator for Neutrino Telescopes
Kranich, Daniel OG 2.5An New Method to Determine the Arrival Direction of Individual Air Showers with a Single Air Cherenkov Telescope
Krennrich, Frank OG 2.3Hourly Spectral Variability of Mrk 421
Krennrich, Frank OG 2.3Intrinsic Spectra of the TeV Blazars Mrk 421 and Mrk 501
Krizmanic, John F.HE 1.4Limitations on Space-Based Air Fluorescence Detector Apertures Obtained from IR Cloud Measurements
Krymsky, G. F.SH 3.2A Simple Model of Cosmic Ray Modulation in the Heliosphere
Kryvdyk, Volodymyr HE 1.2Explanation of the Knee in the Galactic Cosmic-Ray Spectrum
Kryvdyk, Volodymyr OG 1.2Acceleration of the Cosmic Rays by Stellar Collapse
Kryvdyk, Volodymyr OG 2.4X-Ray and Gamma Ray Bursts from Collapsing Stars
Ksenofontov, Leonid T.OG 2.2Cosmic Ray Production in the Supernova Remnants with Account of Reacceleration: Secondary to Primary Ratio
Ksenofontov, Leonid T.SH 3.1Particles Acceleration at Solar Wind Termination Shock
Kubo, Hidetoshi OG 2.5Development of the Stereoscopic Data Acquisition System of the CANGAROO-III Telescope
Kudela, Karel SH 1.1Gamma and X-Ray Solar Flare Emissions: CORONAS-F Measurements
Kudela, Karel SH 2.2Cosmic Ray Variability around the Geomagnetic Disturbances
Kudela, Karel SH 3.4On the Shape of Cosmic Ray Modulation during Even- and Odd-Numbered Solar Activity Cycles
Kulikov, German V.HE 1.1Energy Spectrum of Cosmic Rays in the Knee Region and Studies of Different Components of Extensive Air Showers
Kulikov, German V.HE 1.1Primary Cosmic Ray Mass Composition Studies and Muon Size Spectra of Extensive Air Showers
Kulikov, German V.HE 1.5Complex EAS Array for Super-High Energy Cosmic Ray Research
Kumar, Santosh SH 2.2Geoeffectiveness of Solar Features
Kumar, Santosh SH 3.3Study of High/Low Amplitude Anisotropic Wave Train Events during 1991-94
Kunow, Horst W.SH 1.3Energy Dispersion in Solar Ion Events over 4 Orders of Magnitude: SOHO/COSTEP and Wind/STICS
Kunow, Horst W.SH 2.2Origin, Development, and Effects of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs): Report from the 2nd International CME Workshop at Elmau Castle, Germany, in February 2003
Kuramata, S. OG 1.1Primary Heavy Components Spectra and 2-ry/1-ry Ratio Observed by RUNJOB Collaboration
Kuroda, Kazuaki OG 3.4LCGT Project Observing Gravitational Wave Events at 240 Mpc
Kurp, Izabela HE 3.1Non-Extensivity Parameter in Thermodynamical Model of Hadronic Interactions
Kushida, Junko OG 2.2The TeV Gamma-Ray Emission Mechanism of PSR 1706-44 Based on the Multi-Wavelength Spectrum
Kutter, Thomas HE 2.2Antineutrino Search at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Kutter, Thomas HE 2.2Solar Neutrino Results from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Kuwabara, Takuhito OG 1.3The Growth of Parker Instability with the Effect of Cosmic-Ray Diffusion


Labrador, Allan WayneOG 1.1Extended Energy Spectrum Measurements of Elements with the Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrometer (CRIS)
Labrador, Allan WayneSH 1.2High Energy Ionic Charge State Composition in Recent Large Solar Energetic Particle Events
Laivola, Jarno SH 1.2A Statictical Study of 3He Enhancement in the High-Energy Solar Particles
Lamanna, Giovanni HE 3.4Astroparticle Physics with AMS-02
Lario, David SH 2.1Energetic Particle Observations by the Cassini Spacecraft during Its Heliospheric Cruise to Saturn
Latham, Ian JamesOG 2.2g-Ray Generation in Microquasars: The Link with AGN
Latham, Ian JamesOG 2.5Aluminium Mirrors: An Alternative for Ground Based Cherenkov Telescopes
Le Gallou, Roland HE 3.2New Constraints on the Nature of Space-Time Planck Scale Fluctuations Using X-Ray and TeV Gamma-Ray Observations
Le Gallou, Roland OG 2.5Atmospheric Monitoring for the H.E.S.S. Project
Le, Guiming SH 1.3Two-Stage Coronal Transport of Solar Flare Particles from Magnetic Multipolarity Sources in a Flare Region
Leahy, Denis A.OG 2.2Chandra ACIS X-Ray Observations of the Cygnus Loop
Leahy, Denis A.OG 2.2X-Ray, Gamma-Ray and Radio Observations of LSI+61 303 and the Nature of the Electron Population and of the Emission Mechanisms
Leahy, Denis A.OG 2.2Modeling the Pulse Shape of Hercules X-1: Constraints on the Size and Shape of the Accretion Column
Lebedev, Igor AlexandrovichHE 1.2A Method to Reconstruct the Energy and Mass of Individual Primary Cosmic Ray Rarticles
LeBohec, Stephan L.OG 2.2Search for a WIMP Annihilation Signature in the Core of the Globular Cluster M15
LeBohec, Stephan L.OG 2.3Observation of M87 with the Whipple 10m Telescope
LeBohec, Stephan L.OG 2.5First Operation of SGARFACE, a Ground Based Experiment to Search for g-Ray Bursts of Energies Larger than 200MeV with Durations of less than 100ms
Lebrun, Didier HE 1.5The Influence of the Global Atmospheric Properties on the Detection of UHECR by EUSO on Board of the ISS
Lebrun, Didier HE 1.5The Light of the Night Sky in EUSO: Duty Cycle and Background
Lee, Kerry T.OG 1.1Cosmic Ray Flux Measurements Made by MARIE in Mars Orbit
Leroy, Nicolas OG 2.5Calibration Results for the First Two H·E·S·S· Array Telescopes
Leske, R. A.SH 1.2The Solar Cycle Variability of Solar Energetic Particle Composition
Leske, R. A.SH 1.2The Unusual Solar Particle Events of August 2002
Li, Tipei OG 2.2Timescale Analysis of Spectral Time Lags
Li, Tipei OG 2.5The Hard X-Ray Modulation Telescope HXMT
Lidvansky, Aleksandr S.SH 3.6Estimate of Distance to Lightning Events Associated with Cosmic Ray Enhancements during Thunderstorms
Lidvansky, Aleksandr S.SH 3.6Effect of Disturbed Electric Field of the Atmosphere on Cosmic Rays: 1. Soft Component
Lidvansky, Aleksandr S.SH 3.6Effect of Disturbed Electric Field of the Atmosphere on Cosmic Rays: 2. Hard Component
Lidvansky, Aleksandr S.SH 3.6Effect of Lightning on the Intensity of the Soft Component of Cosmic Rays
Lin, Robert P.SH 1.1First Gamma-Ray Images of a Solar Flare
Lin, Robert P.SH 1.1RHESSI Discovery of a Coronal Non-Thermal Hard X-Ray Source in the 23 July 2002 Gamma-Ray Line Flare
Link, Jason T.OG 1.1Measurements of the Ultra-Heavy Galactic Cosmic-Ray Abundances between Z=30 and Z=40 with the TIGER Instrument
Lipari, Paolo OG 1.4Electron and Proton Acceleration in SNR
Lipari, Paolo OG 2.3Modeling Particle Acceleration in AGN's


Ma, Xinhua HE 2.1Cosmic Muon Events Coincident in Two LEP Detectors
Ma, Yuqian SH 1.4Search for a Muon Flux Enhancement during the Solar Flare of 14 July 2000 with the L3+C Data
Maier, Gernot HE 1.1Cosmic Ray Anisotropy with KASCADE
Maier, Gernot HE 1.5Shower Reconstruction Performance of KASCADE-Grande
Mailov, Arif AleskerHE 2.1Measurements of the Lateral Distribution of the Muon Component of Extensive Air Showers Underground
Malakit, Kittipat SH 2.3Particle Acceleration at Fluid Compressions and What That Teaches Us about Shock Acceleration
Malamova, Elisaveta SlavchevaHE 1.1First Results Obtained with Wide-Angle Cerenkov Light Telescope - BEO - p. Mussala
Malek, Matthew S.HE 2.3Supernova Relic Neutrino Search Results from Super-Kamiokande
Malinowski, Jan HE 1.1Analysis of Energy Distributions of Hadrons Registered in the Pamir Experiment
Malinowski, Jan HE 1.1Mass Composition of Primary Cosmic Ray below the "Knee" Deduced from Analysis of Energy Distribution of Hadrons Registered in the Pamir Experiment
Malinowski, Jan HE 3.1On the Problem of High Transverse Momenta in the Interactions of Hadrons at Energies about 1016 eV
Mamrukova, Velikanida P.SH 3.3Variation of the High-Energy Cosmic Ray Anisotropy with a Solar Activity Cycle
Mamrukova, Velikanida P.SH 3.3Semi-Diurnal Variation of Galactic Cosmic Rays
Mannel, Eric J.HE 1.3Absolute Energy Scale of the HiRes Detector
Martello, Daniele OG 2.5Algorithms for the Determination of the Primary Particle Direction with ARGO-YBJ Detector
Martinez, Manel HE 3.3Measuring the Scale of Quantum Gravity with MAGIC
Martinez, Manel OG 2.5Status of the MAGIC Telescope
Martinez, Oscar M.HE 1.5Hybrid Cosmic Ray Detector at Pico de Orizaba
Mase, Keiichi OG 2.5Calibration of the MAGIC Telescope Using Muon Ring Images
Mase, Keiichi OG 2.5Isolated Muon Study for the MAGIC Telescope
Masterson, Conor P.OG 2.2Observation of Galactic TeV Gamma Ray Sources with H.E.S.S.
Masterson, Conor P.OG 2.5Arcsecond Level Pointing of the H.E.S.S. Telescopes
Masterson, Conor P.OG 2.5Optical Observations of the Crab Pulsar Using the First H.E.S.S. Cherenkov Telescope
Matthews, John A.J.HE 1.5APF Light Sources for the Auger Southern Observatory
Matthews, John N.HE 1.5The Absolute Calibration of the HiRes Detectors
Mazur, Peter O.HE 1.5The Surface Detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory
McCracken, Ken SH 3.4Atypical Cosmic Ray Propagation during the qA > 0 Sunspot Minimum of 1954
McCracken, Ken SH 3.4The Cosmic Ray Intensity between 1933-1965
McCracken, Ken SH 3.5The Accuracy of Cosmogenic 10Be as a Quantitative Measurement of the GCR
McDonald, Frank B.SH 3.1Unusual Enhancements of MeV Ions and Electrons as Voyager 1 Approaches the Heliospheric Termination Shock
McDonald, Frank B.SH 3.2Local Reacceleration of Galactic Cosmic Rays at the Heliosphere's Termination Shock
McDonald, Frank B.SH 3.3The Radial Distribution of Galactic Cosmic Rays in the Heliosphere at Solar Minimum and Solar Maximum
McKeown, Robert D.HE 1.3CHICOS: Status and Prospects
McKeown, Robert D.HE 1.5CHICOS Detector Stations
Medina Tanco, Gustavo HE 1.4Neural Networks as a Statistic Diagnostic Tool for Mass Composition at the Highest Energies
Medina Tanco, Gustavo A.HE 1.4The Last Gamma Ray Burst in our Galaxy? On the Observed Cosmic Ray Excess at 1018 eV
Medina Tanco, Gustavo A.HE 1.4Constrains on the Galactic Magnetic Field from the Two-Dimensional Correlation Function of AGASA Events
Melek, Maher OG 3.2New Suggested Strategy for Detecting Gravitational Waves
Merck, Martin OG 2.2Microquasars and Microblazars as Potential Targets of Ground Based Cherenkov Telescopes
Merck, Martin OG 2.5Extending the Cherenkov Technique Down to an Energy Threshold of a Few GeV: The Ultimate Instrument for Ground-Based Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Mewaldt, R. A.SH 1.2Impulsive Flare Material: A Seed Population for Large Solar Particle Events?
Mewaldt, R. A.SH 1.3Heavy Ion and Electron Release Times in Solar Particle Events
Mikhailov, Aleksei AlekseevichHE 1.3Gradient in the Distribution of Particles around Pulsars
Mikhailov, Aleksei AlekseevichHE 1.3Cosmic Ray Anisotropy at the Energy ~ 1019 eV
Mikhailov, Aleksei AlekseevichHE 1.3Pulsars Are Possible Sources of Cosmic Rays at E 4×1019 eV
Mikhailov, Vladimir V.SH 1.2Light Isotope Abundances in Solar Energetic Particles Measured by the NINA-2 Instrument
Mikhailov, Vladimir V.SH 3.6Energy Spectra of Geomagnetically Trapped Light Isotopes Measured by NINA-2 Instrument
Mikhailov, Vladimir V.SH 3.6Inner Radiation Belt Generation of Light Nuclei Isotope
Miki, Daisuke SH 2.1Spatial Distribution of Energetic Heavy Ions and Its Time Structure in the Radiation Belt
Milyukov, Vadim C.OG 3.5Geophisical Applications of Laser Interferomters: Long-Term Monitoring Crustal Deformations
Minnick, Stephen AnthonyHE 2.1Energy Spectra and Charge Ratios of Atmospheric Muons
Miocinovic, Predrag HE 2.3Computational Techniques for Simulating Light Propagation in High-Energy Neutrino Telescopes
Miroshnichenko, Leonty I.SH 1.1Time Profile of the 2.223 MeV Gamma-Line Emission and Some Features of the 16 December 1988 Solar Event
Miroshnichenko, Leonty I.SH 1.3 High-Energy Cutoff for Solar Cosmic Rays by the Data of Large Non-Standard Detectors
Miroshnichenko, Leonty I.SH 1.3Some Astrophysical Aspects in the Studies of Solar Cosmic Rays
Mirzoyan, Razmick OG 2.5The Active Mirror Control of the MAGIC Telescope
Mirzoyan, Razmick OG 2.5Technical Innovations for the MAGIC Project
Misaki, Akeo HE 1.4Mass Composition of the Primary Cosmic Rays in the Energy Region 1014½1020 eV in Anomalous Diffusion Model
Misaki, Akeo HE 2.2The Analysis of Fully Contained Events and Partially Contained Event in the Virtual Super-Kamiokande and Neutrino Oscillation Problems
Misaki, Akeo HE 2.2Analysis of Upward through Going Muon Events and Stopping Muon Events in the Virtual Super-Kamiokande Detector and the Neutrino Oscillation
Misaki, Akeo HE 2.3The Design Study for the Hyper Baikal Detector(HBD) in Lake Baikal for Extremely High Energy Neutrino Astrophysics - Strategy and the Present Purpose
Mishev, Alexander L.HE 1.1Mass Composition and Energy Spectrum Studies of Primary Cosmic Rays in Energy Range 10TeV-10PeV Using Atmospheric Cerenkov Light Telescope
Mishev, Alexander L.HE 1.2Some Characteristics of Extensive Air Showers at Chacaltaya Observation Level
Mishev, Alexander L.HE 1.2A Selection of Different Cosmic Ray Primaries Using a New Selection Parameter Based on Cerenkov Light Registration
Mishra, Rajesh KumarSH 3.3Unusually Low Amplitude Anisotropic Wave Train Events of Cosmic Ray Intensity during 1981-94
Mishra, Rajesh KumarSH 3.3Low/High Amplitude Anisotropic Wave Train Events in Cosmic Ray Intensity as an Effect of Interplanatery Turbulances
Mishra, Rekha AgarwalSH 3.3Effect of Solar Heliospheric Parameters on Different Components of Daily Variation in Cosmic Ray Intensity
Mishra, Rekha AgarwalSH 3.3Effect of East-West and Radial Anisotropy on Hale Cycle in the Harmonics of Daily Variation in C R Intensity
Mishra, Rekha AgarwalSH 3.3Comparative Study of Diurnal and Semidiurnal Anisotropies in CR Intensity for the Period 1964-95
Mitsui, Tadao HE 2.2First Results from KamLAND
Miyahara, Hiroko SH 3.5Variation of the Radiocarbon Content of Tree Rings during the Spoerer Minimum
Miyahara, Hiroko SH 3.5Radiocarbon Content in Japanese Cedar during the Maunder Minimum
Miyasaka, Hiromasa SH 1.2Solar Energetic Particles Events Observed with EIS Onboard NOZOMI Spacecraft
Miyasaka, Hiromasa SH 2.2Geomagnetic Cutoff Variation Observed with TIBET Neutron Monitor
Miyasaka, Hiromasa SH 3.6Cosmic Ray Produced Antiprotons Confined in the Innermost Magnetosphere
Miyoki, Shinji OG 3.3CLIO Cryogenic Laser Interferometer Observatory
Mizuno, Yosuke OG 2.4General Relativistic MHD Simulations of the Gravitational Collapse of a Rotating Star with Magnetic Field as a Model of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Mocchiutti, Emiliano HE 3.1Composition of Cosmic Ray Particles in the Atmosphere as Measured by the CAPRICE98 Balloon Borne Apparatus
Mocchiutti, Emiliano OG 1.1Measurement of High Energy 3He in Cosmic Rays by the CAPRICE98 Balloon Experiment
Moebius, Eberhard SH 1.2Strong Energy Dependence of Ionic Charge States in Impulsive Solar Events
Mohanty, Dhirendra K.OG 2.2Search for Discrete Sources of Gamma-Rays (E ≥ 30 TeV) with the GRAPES-3 Experiment
Moiseev, Alexander A.OG 1.5Cubic Calorimeter for High-Energy Electrons in Ultra-Long Ballooning
Montaruli, Teresa HE 2.3ANTARES Status Report
Montaruli, Teresa HE 2.3Detection of Tau Neutrinos in Underwater Neutrino Telescopes
Montaruli, Teresa HE 2.4High Energy Extension of the FLUKA Atmospheric Neutrino Flux
Moraal, Harm SH 1.5First Results of a Mobile Neutron Monitor to Intercalibrate the Worldwide Network
Moraal, Harm SH 1.5Calibration of the Sanae and Hermanus Neutron Monitors
Moraal, Harm SH 3.2Radial Intensity Profiles of Galactic Cosmic Rays in the Outer Heliosphere
Moriarty, Pat OG 2.2Very High Energy Observations of PSR B1823-13
Moriyama, Shigetaka HE 2.2Characterizing the Atmospheric Neutrino Flux
Morselli, Aldo HE 3.4Search for Supersymmetric Dark Matter with GLAST
Mortazavi, Seyed Mohammad Javad SH 3.6Is the Adaptive Response an Efficient Protection Against the Detrimental Effects of Space Radiation
Moskalenko, Igor V.OG 1.3Propagation of Light Elements in the Galaxy
Moskalenko, Igor V.OG 1.3Antiprotons in CR: What Do They Tell Us?
Moskalenko, Igor V.OG 1.3Evaluation of Production Cross Sections of Li, Be, B in CR
Mostafa, Miguel AlejandroHE 1.3Atmospheric Monitoring for the Pierre Auger Fluorescence Detector
Mukhamedshin, Rauf A.HE 1.5Perspectives of the ATHLET Installation at the Tien Shan
Mukhamedshin, Rauf A.OG 1.5The Modern Concept of the INCA Project
Mukhamedshin, Rauf A.OG 1.5The Russian-US INTREPID Project
Muller, Dietrich OG 1.1Energy Spectra and Relative Abundances of Heavy Cosmic-Ray Nuclei around 1 TeV/Nucleon
Muller, Dietrich OG 1.5Precise Identification of Heavy Cosmic-Ray Nuclei: The Role of Delta Rays
Munakata, Kazuoki SH 2.2CME Geometry Deduced from Cosmic Ray Anisotropy
Munakata, Kazuoki SH 3.3Galactic Anisotropy of ~ 10TeV Cosmic-Ray Intensity Observed by the Tibet Air Shower Array
Muraki, Yasushi SH 1.5A New Solar Neutron Telescope at Mt. Aragats
Muraki, Yasushi SH 3.6Acceleration below Thunder Clouds at Mount Norikura
Murphy, Ronald J.SH 1.1Solar Gamma-Ray Lines at High Resolution with RHESSI
Murphy, Ronald J.SH 1.1Physical Implications of RHESSI Neutron Capture-Line Measurements
Murphy, Ronald J.SH 1.1RHESSI Observation of the Solar Annihilation Line
Myers, Zachary D.OG 1.1Detecting 3H with the BESS Spectrometer
Myers, Zachary D.OG 1.1Cosmic Ray 3He and 4He Spectra from BESS 98


Nachkebia, Nugzar AkakiSH 3.4Observed and Expected Features of the 27-day Variations of Galactic Cosmic Rays
Nachkebia, Nugzar AkakiSH 3.6Interplanetary Magnetic Field Disturbances Affect on the Ozone Profiles
Nagai, Tomoyuki OG 2.3Observations of Starburst Galaxies
Nagano, Motohiko HE 1.5AGASA Results and EUSO
Nagataki, Shigehiro HE 1.4High Energy CRs from Young Neutron Star and Their Interactions with the Ambient Matter
Naito, Tsuguya SH 1.3Monte-Carlo Simulation of Particle Acceleration in Impulsive Phase of Solar Flares
Nakagawa, Yujin E.SH 3.6An Unusual Time-Variable High Radiation Region Seen by HETE-2 Satellite
Nakase, Tomokazu OG 2.3TeV Gamma-Ray Observations of Southern Hemisphere BL Lacertae Objects with CANGAROO-II/III Telescope
Nakatsuka, Takao HE 2.4Splitting Model of the Single Scattering to Reconstruct the Molière Process of Multiple Coulomb Scattering
Nakatsuka, Takao HE 2.4Mechanism of Molière Expansion for the Angular Distribution and Improved Molière Functions Evaluated from the Single-Scattering Splitting Model
Nakatsuka, Takao HE 2.4A High-Accurate and High-Efficient Monte Carlo Code by Improved Molière Functions with Ionization
Nakayama, Shoei HE 2.2Study of Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations Using p0 Events in SK-I
Namba, Toshio HE 2.3Search for Neutrino Bursts from Supernova Explosions at Super-Kamiokande
Naumov, Dmitry VadimovichHE 1.5TUS/KLYPVE Space Telescopes - Simulation of Performance
Navarra, Gianni HE 1.1Study of Cosmic Ray Primaries between 1012 and 1016 eV from EAS-TOP
Navarra, Gianni HE 1.1The Cosmic Ray Primary Composition in the Knee Region through the EAS Electromagnetic and Muon Measurements at EAS-TOP
Nemeth, Zoltan SH 2.3Investigation of the Anomalous Diffusion Coefficients of Different Transport Regimes
Ng, Chee K.SH 1.3Solar Energetic Particle Driven Alfvén Wave Growth and Consequences
Niemiec, Jacek OG 1.4First-Order Fermi Particle Acceleration at Relativistic Shock Waves with a `Realistic' Magnetic Field Turbulence Model
Niemiec, Jacek OG 1.4Cosmic Ray Acceleration at Parallel Relativistic Shocks in the Presence of Finite-Amplitude Magnetic Field Perturbations
Nishida, Daisuke OG 2.2TeV Gamma Ray Observations of PSR J1420-6048 with the CANGAROO-II Telescope
Nishikawa, Ken-Ichi OG 1.4Particle Acceleration and Emission in Relativistic Jets
Nishizawa, Masaki SH 3.4Sun Shadow in the Solar Activity Cycle 23 Observed with the Tibet Air Shower Array
Nitta, Nariaki V.SH 1.3Source Regions of Major Solar Energetic Particle Events
Nonaka, Toshiyuki SH 2.2Study of Cosmic Ray Short Term Variations Using GRAPES-3 Muon Telescopes
Noutsos, Aristeidis OG 2.5A Novel Alternative to UV-Lasers Used in Flat-Fielding VHE g-Ray Telescopes
Nuss, Eric HE 3.3Search for Supersymmetric Dark Matter in M31 with CELESTE
Nuss, Eric OG 2.3CELESTE Observations of the Crab Nebula and Mkn 421 in 1999-2000 and 2000-2001


Ochi, Nobuaki HE 1.1Measurement of Energy and Arrival Direction of Air Showers by Synchronized Compact Arrays
Ochi, Nobuaki HE 1.1Search for Large-Scale Coincidences of EAS in LAAS Experiment
Ochi, Nobuaki HE 1.1Search for Non-Random Features in Arrival Time Series of Air Showers Observed at Mt.Chacaltaya
Ogio, Shoichi HE 1.1The Energy Spectrum and the Chemical Composition of Primary Cosmic Rays with Energies from 1014 to 1016 eV
Ogio, Shoichi HE 1.2Advective Diffusion Propagation Model for Galactic Cosmic Rays above 1012 eV
Ohashi, Masatake OG 3.3Laser Interferometer in the Kamioka Mine
Ohishi, Michiko OG 2.5Performance of the Reflector of the CANGAROO-III Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope
Ohmori, Hitoshi HE 1.5A New Technique Producing Double-Sided Spherical Fresnel Lens Segments Assembled to Large Aperture Lenses
Ohnishi, Munehiro OG 2.5Performance of the Tibet-III Air Shower Array
Ohnuki, Tohru HE 1.5Study of Long Term Stability of the Pierre-Auger Surface Detector Using Muon Events
Ohsawa, Akinori HE 3.1Note on the Energy Distribution of Produced Particles in Multiple Particle Production
Ohsawa, Akinori HE 3.1Comments on Centauro Events
Olbrechts, Philip HE 3.3Search for Muons from WIMP Annihilation in the Center of the Earth with the AMANDA-B10 Detector
Ona Wilhelmi, Emma M.OG 2.2Determination of the Night Sky Background around the Crab Pulsar Using Its Optical Pulsation
Ona Wilhelmi, Emma M.OG 2.2The Effect of Pulsar Timing Noise and Glitches on Timing Analysis for Ground Based Telescopes Observation
Ona Wilhelmi, Emma M.OG 2.2Detectability of g-Ray from Millisecond Pulsars with MAGIC
Osone, Satoko OG 1.2Search for an Evidence of Fermi Acceleration for SNR in a Time Dependence of Metal Abundance
Osone, Satoko OG 2.5Feasibility of GRB with TeV Gamma Ray All Sky Monitor
Osteria, Giuseppe OG 1.5The ToF and Trigger Electronics of the PAMELA Experiment
Ozawa, Shunsuke HE 1.1The Energy Spectrum of All-Particle Cosmic Rays around the Knee Region Observed with the Tibet Air-Shower Array


Pallavicini, Marco HE 1.5The Housing of the EUSO Photo-Detector Sensors
Pallavicini, Marco HE 1.5The Euso Electronics
Paneque, David OG 2.5Analogue Signal Transmission by an Optical Fiber System for the Camera of the MAGIC Telescope
Parente, Gonzalo HE 1.4The Electromagnetic Component of Inclined Showers
Parhi, Shyamsundar SH 3.2Heliospheric Solar Wind Turbulence Model with Implications for Latitudinal Transport of Cosmic Rays
Parhi, Shyamsundar SH 3.2Effect of Cross-Helicity on the Ab Initio Formulation of Solar Modulation of Cosmic Rays
Parizot, Etienne HE 1.4Should One Really Expect a GZK Cutoff?
Parizot, Etienne HE 1.4Multiple UHECR Events from Galactic Hadron Jets
Parizot, Etienne OG 2.4The Compton Trail of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Constraints on the Galactic Frequency of GRBs
Park, Il H.HE 1.5Tracking Mirror for Measurement of Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays from Space
Park, Il H.OG 1.5Design and Construction of the Silicon Charge Detector for the CREAM Mission
Pearce, Mark HE 1.5SEASA: The Stockholm Educational Air Shower Array
Pearce, Mark OG 1.5The Anticounter System of the PAMELA Space Experiment
Pearce, Mark OG 1.5Performance Studies of the Anticounter System of the PAMELA Space Experiment
Perez-Peraza, Jorge A.SH 1.3Efficiency for RSP Acceleration in the 14.07.2000 and 15.04.2001 Events
Perrone, Lorenzo HE 1.4Simulation of Cherenkov Contamination for Cosmic-Ray Showers Observed with the Auger Fluorescence Telescopes
Petkov, Valery BorisovichHE 1.1A Search for Very High Energy Muons (Em > 100 TeV) in EAS around the Knee
Petkov, Valery BorisovichHE 1.1EAS High Energy Muon Component around the Knee: Simultaneous Surface and Underground Measurements at Baksan
Petkov, Valery BorisovichHE 2.1Possibility to Search for VHE Muons with Baksan Underground Scintillation Telescope
Petrukhin, Anatoly AfanasievichHE 1.2New Approach to Cosmic Ray Phenomena Generated by VHE Particles above the Knee
Petrukhin, Anatoly AfanasievichSH 2.2The Technique of Forbush Decrease Registration in Tomography Mode
Pieri, Lidia HE 3.3On the Detectability of Gamma-Rays from Dark Matter Annihilation in the Local Group with Ground-Based Experiments
Pimenta, Mario HE 1.5A PCI Based Data Acquisition System for Ground Array Detectors with Wireless Synchronization through GPS
Pisanti, Ofelia HE 1.4Monte Carlo Simulation of Neutrino Induced Extended Air Showers
Popecki, Mark A.SH 1.2Observation of Energy-Dependent Charge States in Solar Energetic Particle Events
Popecki, Mark A.SH 1.2Iron Charge State Distributions in Large Gradual Solar Energetic Particle Events
Potgieter, Marius S.SH 3.1Modulation of Anomalous Protons with Increasing Solar Activity
Potgieter, Marius S.SH 3.2Cosmic Ray Drifts at Solar Maximum
Potgieter, Marius S.SH 3.2Modulation of Cosmic Rays at and beyond the Heliospheric Termination Shock
Pravdin, Mikhail I.HE 1.3Energy Spectrum of Primary Cosmic Rays in the Energy Region of 1017 - 1020 eV by Yakutsk Array Data
Pravdin, Mikhail I.HE 1.3Estimation of Primary Cosmic Ray Energy Registered at the EAS Yakutsk Array
Privitera, Paolo HE 1.3The Angular Reconstruction and Angular Resolution of Air Showers Detected at the Auger Observatory
Privitera, Paolo HE 1.5AIRFLY: Air Fluorescence Induced by Electrons in a Wide Energy Range
Produit, Nicolas OG 2.4GRB with INTEGRAL
Produit, Nicolas OG 2.5The INTEGRAL Mission
Puehlhofer, Gerd OG 2.2Scans of the TeV Gamma-Ray Sky with the HEGRA System of Cherenkov Telescopes
Puehlhofer, Gerd OG 2.5The Technical Performance of the HEGRA IACT System
Pustil'nik, Lev A.SH 1.4Dangerous FEP Events: Real-Time Data of Ground and Satellite CR Measurements Using for Monitoring of Beginning and Forecasting of Expected Particle Fluxes in Atmosphere and in Space
Pustil'nik, Lev A.SH 2.2Possible Cosmic Ray Using for Forecasting of Major Geomagnetic Storms, Accompanied by Forbush-Effects
Pustil'nik, Lev A.SH 3.5Manifestations of Influence of Solar Activity and Cosmic Ray Intensity on the Wheat Price in the Medieval England (1259-1703 Years)


Rajbongshi, Subhash ChandraHE 1.5Development of Resistive Plate Counter for the Extended Mini-Array Experiment at Gauhati University
Rawlins, Katherine HE 1.1Measurement of the Cosmic Ray Composition at the Knee with the SPASE-2/AMANDA-B10 Detectors
Raychaudhuri, Probhas HE 2.2Recoil Electron Energy Spectrum in Super-Kamiokande and Sno Detectors
Raychaudhuri, Probhas HE 2.4Time Variations in Solar Neutrino Flux
Raychaudhuri, Probhas HE 2.4Neutrinos in Pion and Muon Decays at Neutrino Factories and Lsnd Excess
Rebillot, Paul FrancisOG 2.2TeV Observations of the Galactic Center
Rebillot, Paul FrancisOG 2.3Intensive TeV Gamma-Ray and X-Ray Observations of the Blazar Mrk 421 in December 2002 and January 2003
Rebillot, Paul FrancisOG 2.5The VERITAS Flash ADC Electronics System
Reimer, Anita OG 2.2High Energy Photon Absorption in Hot Stellar Radiation Fields
Reimer, Anita OG 2.3M87 as a Misaligned Synchrotron-Proton Blazar
Reimer, Olaf OG 2.1Evaluation of Models for Diffuse Continuum Gamma Rays in EGRET Range
Reimer, Olaf OG 2.2EGRET Observations of Galactic Relativistic Jet Sources
Reimer, Olaf OG 2.3A New Estimate of the Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Background from EGRET Data
Reimer, Olaf SH 2.3The Connection of 1AU Electron Data to Perpendicular Diffusion
Reno, Mary Hall HE 2.4Tau Neutrinos at EeV Energies
Richharia, Mahendra KumarSH 3.3Long Term Behavior of Higher Harmonics of Cosmic Ray Intensity on Quiet Days
Richharia, Mahendra KumarSH 3.3Study of Higher Harmonics of Cosmic Ray Intensity on Quiet Days at Tokyo Station
Riehle, Robertsen A.HE 1.5Portable, Single-Mirror, Air Fluorescence Detector
Risse, Markus HE 1.4Shower Simulation Input for Fluorescence Yield Measurements
Risse, Markus HE 1.4Analytical Versus Monte Carlo Description of Cherenkov Contribution in Air Showers
Risse, Markus HE 1.5Atmospheric Effects on the Development and the Fluorescence Detection of Extensive Air Showers
Robbins, Simon A.M.HE 2.4On the Binning of Atmospheric Neutrino Fluxes near the Horizon in Monte-Carlo Calculations
Robbins, Simon A.M.HE 3.1Status of the HARP Experiment at CERN
Roberts, Michael D.HE 1.3Calibration of the Pierre Auger Fluorescence Detector
Roberts, Michael D.HE 1.5The Auger Observatory Roving LIDAR System
Romeyer, Alain HE 2.3Muon Energy Reconstruction in ANTARES and Its Application to the Diffuse Neutrino Flux
Roth, Markus HE 1.1Test of a Hadronic Interaction Model by a Multidimensional Analysis of Lateral and Longitudinal Air-Shower Observables at KASCADE
Roth, Markus HE 1.1Energy Spectrum and Elemental Composition in the PeV Region
Roth, Markus HE 1.3The Lateral Distribution Function of Shower Signals in the Surface Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Rowell, Gavin PeterOG 2.2TeV Observations of Selected GeV Sources with the HEGRA IACT-System
Rowell, Gavin PeterOG 2.2The New Unidentified TeV Source in Cygnus (TeV J2032+4130): HEGRA IACT-System Results
Ruediger, Albrecht OG 3.3Gravitational Wave Detection by Laser Interferometry on Earth
Ruediger, Albrecht OG 3.5Gravitational Wave Detection by Laser Interferometry in Space - LISA
Ruediger, Albrecht OG 3.5Gravitational Wave Detection by Laser Interferometry in Space - The Project ASTROD
Ruffolo, David J.SH 2.3Finite-Time Shock Acceleration


Saavedra, Oscar HE 2.2Analysis of the Events Recorded by the LVD Neutrino Detector from Large Solar Flares during High Solar Activity
Saavedra, Oscar SH 3.6Differential Neutron Flux in Atmosphere at Various Geophysical Conditions
Sadykov, Turlan HamzievichSH 3.4Cosmic Radiation Annual Variation
Sadykov, Turlan KhamzinovichHE 1.1Anomalously Delayed Particles in Extensive Air Shower Core According to Results of the New Plant
Sadykov, Turlan KhamzinovichHE 1.1Comparison of Experimental Events with an Galo with Calculations on Model "Tien-Shan"
Sadykov, Turlan KhamzinovichHE 1.5The Wide Range Front-End Electronics for Readout Amplitude Date of the Ionization Calorimeter
Saijo, Motoyuki OG 3.1One-Armed Spiral Instability in Differentially Rotating Stars
Saikia, Julie HE 1.3On Some Aspects of Age Parameter Associated with Extensive Air Showers Having Energy Ranging from ~ 1014eV to ~ 1020eV
Saito, Shinji HE 1.2Particle Acceleration Due to Electrostatic Shock Wave Driven by Counterstreaming Pair Plasmas
Saji, Choji HE 2.2Search for Charged Current Tau Neutrino Appearance in Super-Kamiokande
Saji, Choji HE 2.4Expected Angular Distribution of Atmospheric Muons at Super-Kamiokande Detector
Saji, Choji HE 2.4The Cross-Section of Muon Photo-Nuclear Interaction
Sakaki, Naoto HE 1.5New Photon Yields Measurement in Air and Its Effect on the Energy Estimation of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
Sakaki, Naoto HE 1.5Development of Multi-Anode Photomultipliers for the EUSO Focal Surface Detector
Sako, Takashi SH 1.1Solar Neutron Event in Association with the 24 September 2001 Flare
Sako, Takashi SH 1.5Super Solar Neutron Telescope for the Next Solar Maximum
Sako, Takashi SH 1.5Application of CPLD for the Mexico Solar Neutron Telescope
Sakurai, Hirohisa SH 3.5Measurements of C-14 Concentration for 22 Single-Year Tree Rings of an Old Cedar ca. 2500 Years Ago
Sakurai, Hirohisa SH 3.5Altitude Distribution of C-14 Concentration by Geant-4
Sakurai, Hirohisa SH 3.6Daily Variation of Cosmogenic Nuclide Be-7 Concentration in the Atmosphere and Solar Activities
Sakurai, Kunitomo HE 2.2A Possible Correlative Time Variation in the Production Rates of the Neutrinos from the p-p Reactions and the Boron-8 Decay Processes in the Solar Core
Sakurai, Kunitomo OG 1.2A Possible Causal Relation of the Source Composition of Cosmic Rays with the Elemental Depletion in the Interstellar Space
Sakurai, Kunitomo SH 3.6The Long-Term Variation of Galactic Cosmic Ray Flux and Its Possible Connection with the Current Trend of the Global Warming
Sakuyama, Hiroshi HE 1.1Observation of EAS Core with the Small Scintillation Detector at Taro
Sakuyama, Hiroshi HE 1.1Arrival Time Distribution by the New Observation System at Taro
Sala, Paola R.HE 2.5Status of the ICARUS Project
Salazar, Humberto A.HE 1.5Prototype of a Space Fluorescence Detector at Cerro La Negra Mountain Site
Salazar, Humberto A.HE 1.5Performance of the Extensive Air Shower Array at the University of Puebla
Santangelo, Andrea HE 1.5Measurements of the UV Nocturnal Atmospheric Background in the 300-400 nm Wavelength Band with the Experiment BaBy during a Transmediterranean Balloon Flight
Santangelo, Andrea HE 1.5EUSO in the Context of ESA Human Spaceflight Directorate
Sanuki, Tomoyuki HE 2.1Measurement of Cosmic-Ray Proton, Antiproton and Muon Spectra at Mountain Altitude
Sartorelli, Gabriella HE 2.2CNGS Beam Monitor with the LVD Detector
Sasaki, Makoto HE 1.5ASHRA Trigger and Readout Pixel Sensors
Sasaki, Manami OG 2.3The Radial Distribution of SNRs in nearby Galaxies
Sato, Shuichi OG 3.3Current Status of TAMA300
Sato, Yoshihiro OG 1.1Observations of Primary Electrons with an Emulsion Chamber by Automatic Scanning Method
Scalzo, Richard AllenOG 2.5Optimized Pointing Strategies for Solar Tower ACTs
Schatz, Gerd HE 1.1How Well Do We Know EAS Size Spectra?
Schatz, Gerd OG 2.1Search for Extremely High Energy Gamma Rays with the KASCADE Experiment
Schlenker, Stefan OG 2.5The Central Data Acquisition System of the H.E.S.S. Telescope System
Scott, Lauren M.SH 3.2Direct Evidence of Energy-Loss in Electron-Capture-Decay Secondary Isotopes in the Heliosphere
Selvi, Marco HE 2.3Study of the Effect of Neutrino Oscillation on the Super-Nova Neutrino Signal with the LVD Detector
Semikoz, Dmitry HE 1.4Is the HiRes Energy Spectrum Really Consistent with GZK Cutoff?
Semikoz, Dmitry V.HE 1.4New Hadrons as Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
Semikoz, Dmitry V.HE 2.4Theoretical Predictions of Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Fluxes
Seo, Eun-Suk OG 1.3On Fluctuations of Cosmic Rays in the Galaxy with Random Supernova Outbursts
Seo, Eun-Suk OG 1.3The Flux of Cosmic-Ray Deuterons in Simplified Propagation Models
Seo, Eun-Suk OG 1.5CREAM for High Energy Composition Measurements
Seunarine, Surujhdeo HE 2.3Updated Limits on the Ultra-High-Energy Neutrino Flux from the RICE Experiment at the South Pole
Seunarine, Surujhdeo HE 2.3Measurement of the Radiofrequency Properties of Antarctic Ice with the RICE Detector
Seunarine, Surujhdeo HE 2.3Simulations of the Radio Frequency Signals Produced by Electromagnetic Showers in Ice
Shaulov, Sergey BorisovichHE 1.1The Contradiction in the EAS Muon and Hadron Data beyond the CR Spectrum Break
Shaulov, Sergey BorisovichHE 1.5Antarctic Balloon Measurements of UHE CR (SPHERE Experiment)
Shea, Margaret AnnSH 3.6Preliminary Study of the 400-Year Geomagnetic Cutoff Rigidity Changes, Cosmic Rays and Possible Climate Changes
Shea, Margaret AnnSH 3.6The Seasonal Dependency of the NO(Y) Impulsive Precipitation Events in Arctic Polar Ice
Shibata, Makio HE 1.1Primary Proton Spectrum in the Knee Region Observed by the Tibet Hybrid Experiment
Shibata, Makio HE 1.5Analysis of Emulsion Chambers in Tibet Hybrid Experiment Using the Image Scanner
Shibata, Toru OG 1.3Propagation of Radioactive Secondaries in Cosmic Rays
Shibata, Toru OG 2.1Diffused Gamma-Rays and the Cosmic-Ray Propagation
Shikaze, Yoshiaki SH 3.4Solar Modulation Effect on the Cosmic-Ray Proton Spectra Measured by BESS
Shimada, Nobue OG 2.2A Noteworthy Plasma Parameter on the Shock Acceleration/Heating Process
Shimizu, Hirohiko M.HE 1.5The Focal Surface of EUSO Telescope
Shiota, Daikou SH 1.3Magnetohydrodynamic Numerical Simulations of Coronal Mass Ejections and Associated Giant Arcades
Shiozawa, Masato HE 3.2Updated Results on Nucleon Decay Searches in Super-Kamiokande-I
Shirasaki, Yuji HE 3.3Searching for a Long Cosmic String through the Gravitational Lensing Effect
Shirasaki, Yuji OG 2.4In-Orbit Calibration and Performance of the HETE-2 WXM
Shrivastava, Pankaj K.SH 2.2Distribution of Solar Flares around the Sun and Their Association with Forbush Decreases
Shrivastava, Pankaj K.SH 2.2Effect of Halo Coronal Mass Ejections on Cosmic Ray Intensity during Ascending Phase of Solar Cycle 23
Shrivastava, Pankaj K.SH 2.3High Speed Solar Wind Streams and Cosmic Ray Intensity Variation
Sierpowska, Agnieszka OG 2.2Gamma-Rays from the Massive Binary LSI 61o+303
Sierpowska, Agnieszka OG 2.2Gamma-Rays from the Close Massive Binary Cyg X-3
Simon, Manfred OG 1.3A New Thought on the Energy Dependence of the 10Be/9Be Ratio
Simon, Manfred OG 1.5Status of the PAMELA Experiment On-Board of the Resurs DK-1 Spacecraft
Singh, Yatendra PalSH 2.2Large-Scale Heliospheric Magnetic Field and Drift Effects during Forbush Decrease
Singh, Yatendra PalSH 2.2Statistical Procedure to Test Significance in the Analysis of Cosmic Ray Data by Superposed Epoch Method-II
Singh, Yatendra PalSH 2.2Statistical Procedure to Test Significance in the Analysis of Cosmic Ray Data by Superposed Epoch MethodñIII: Comparison of Test Results from Two Techniques
Sinha, Kalpana RoyHE 2.4Some Aspects of LF-MF Radioemission Associated with Extensive Ice Shower Initiated by High Energy Neutrinos
Sinitsyna, Vera GeorgievnaOG 2.2Investigation of TeV Gamma-Ray Emission from Cygnus X-3
Sinitsyna, Vera GeorgievnaOG 2.3Extra-Galactic Sources 1739+522, 3c454.3, NGC1275, Mkn501, Mkn421 - Spectra and Images
Sinitsyna, Vera YurievnaHE 2.5Cherenkov Radiation of Extencive Air Showers Observed at Large Zenith Angles by SHALON
Sinitsyna, Vera YurievnaOG 2.2Observed and Expected TeV Gamma-Ray Emission from Geminga and Tycho's Supernova Remnants
Sinitysna, Vera GeorgievnaOG 1.4The Cosmic Rays and Gamma-Quanta Local Sources Spectra Distinction and Formation of Uniform Cosmic Ray Spectrum
Sinnis, Gus OG 2.1Preliminary Evidence for TeV Gamma Ray Emission from the Galactic Plane Using the Milagro Detector
Sinnis, Gus OG 2.3Monitoring the Northern Sky for Sources of TeV Gamma Rays
Sinnis, Gus SH 3.4The Cosmic Ray Shadows of the Moon and the Sun Detected by the Milagro Gamma Ray Observatory
Slavatinsky, Serguei AnatolievichHE 1.1Proton Fraction in PCR Mass Composition at Energies of 1015-1017 eV (Experiment "Pamir")
Smart, Don FrederickSH 1.5Evaluation of Magnetic Shielding of Interplanetary Spacecraft from Cosmic Radiation
Smart, Don FrederickSH 3.6Geomagnetic Cutoff Rigidity Calculations at 50-Year Intervals between 1600 and 2000
Smart, Don FrederickSH 3.6Calculated Vertical Cutoff Rigidities for the International Space Station Using the Tsyganenko Magnetospheric Model for Every Two Hours in UT
Smialkowski, Andrzej HE 1.4UHECR Anisotropy from Luminous Infrared Galaxies - Predictions for the Pierre Auger Observatory
Sokolsky, Pierre V.HE 1.3UHECR Composition Studies with HiRes Stereo Data
Somiya, Kentaro OG 3.4RSE Experiment
Springer, Robert Wayne HE 1.3Stereo Spectrum of UHECR Showers at the HiRes Detector
Springer, Robert Wayne HE 1.3Measurement of the Flux of UHE Cosmic Rays by the HiRes Detectors Observing in Both Monocular and Stereoscopic Modes
Stamerra, Antonio OG 2.5The Trigger System of the MAGIC Telescope: On-Line Selection Strategies for Cherenkov Telescopes
Stanev, Todor S.HE 1.4Distortion of UHECR Spectra by Regular Magnetic Fields
Stanev, Todor S.HE 1.5Simulation of Ice Cherenkov Detectors for IceTop
Stanev, Todor S.HE 2.4Comparison between CAPRICE98 Atmospheric Muon Data and Simulations with TARGET
Stawarz, Lukasz OG 2.3VHE g-Rays from Extragalactic Large Scale Jets
Stenkin, Yuri V.HE 1.2On the "Knee" in Primary Cosmic Ray Spectrum
Stenkin, Yuri V.HE 2.1Muon Groups Underground and Primary Cosmic Ray Mass Composition
Stephens, S. Alfred OG 2.2An Understanding of the Non-Thermal Radiation from the Crab Nebula
Stokes, Benjamin T.HE 1.4Using Fractal Dimensionality in the Search for Anisotropy of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
Stone, E. C.SH 1.2Ionic Charge States of High Energy Solar Energetic Particles in Large Events
Stone, E. C.SH 3.1Voyager 1 Observations of the Composition of Enhanced MeV Ion Fluxes at 85 AU
Stone, E. C.SH 3.3The Approach of Voyager 1 to the Termination Shock
Storini, Marisa SH 3.3Test of the GG Index to Infer the IMF Polarities
Storini, Marisa SH 3.4Evaluation of Gnevyshev Gap Effects on Cosmic Ray Modulation
Storini, Marisa SH 3.6Cosmic-Ray Characteristic Parameters for Yangbajing (Tibet) Experiments
Stozhkov, Yuri IvanovichSH 3.4About Unmodulated Cosmic Ray Spectrum and Modulation Region Size
Stozhkov, Yuri IvanovichSH 3.6Cosmic Rays in the Mechanism of Thundercloud Production
Stozhkov, Yuri IvanovichSH 3.6Semiannual Variation in the Number of Energetic Electron Precipitation Events Recorded in the Polar Atmosphere
Struminsky, Alexei SH 1.3Prolonged Release of 100 MeV Solar Protons in the GLE Events of 1997-2002
Struminsky, Alexei SH 1.4On Accuracy of Solar Cosmic Ray Anisotropy and Intensity Deduced from NM Data
Struminsky, Alexei SH 2.1Interacting and Escaping 100 MeV Solar Protons Observed on 11 and 15 June 1991
Sugiyama, Naoshi OG 2.5High Energy Astrophysics by ASHRA
Sugiyama, Tooru SH 2.3Electron Heating Process at Quasi-Perpendicular Shocks
Suomijarvi, Tiina HE 1.3Processing of the Signals from the Surface Detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Suomijarvi, Tiina HE 1.5The Pierre Auger Surface Detector Led Flashers and Their Use for Monitoring and Calibration
Surdo, Antonio HE 1.1First Measurements with the ARGO-YBJ Detector
Surdo, Antonio HE 1.5The Trigger System of the ARGO-YBJ Detector
Suzuki, Motoko OG 2.4Timing Properties of GRBs Detected by HETE-2
Suzuki, Toshikazu OG 3.4Thermal Conductance through Sapphire-Sapphire Bonding
Sveshnikova, L. G.OG 1.1All Particle Spectrum, Average Mass from RUNJOB Data
Sveshnikova, Lyubov G.HE 1.2The Knee in Galactic Cosmic Ray Spectrum and Variety in Supernovae
Sveshnikova, Lyubov G.OG 1.5Automatic Searching for Fe-Nucleus Vertex Points in Balloon Emulsion Experiment RUNJOB
Swain, John DavidHE 1.4Full-Sky Search for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray Anisotropies
Swain, John DavidHE 1.4Numerical Likelihood Analysis of Cosmic Ray Anisotropies
Swain, John DavidHE 1.5SCROD: School Cosmic Ray Outreach Detector
Swordy, Simon OG 1.1Measurement of the Cosmic-Ray Antiproton Energy Spectrum with HEAT-pbar
Swordy, Simon P.OG 1.3Stochastic Effects on the Electron Spectrum above TeV Energies
Swordy, Simon P.OG 1.5Comparison of a Transition Radiation Detector Response with Numerical Simulations
Szabelski, Jacek HE 1.1Registration of Particles Delayed by 400 - 1000 Microsec after EAS
Szabelski, Jacek SH 2.2Directional Variation of 5 GeV Muon Flux Observed in the Underground Muon Telescope
Szadkowski, Zbigniew HE 1.5The Surface Detector Trigger for the Auger Observatory
Szadkowski, Zbigniew HE 1.5A Proposal of a Single Chip Surface Detector Trigger Based on Altera CycloneTM Family


Tada, Itsuhiro OG 2.5Development of High-Resolution and High-Speed Camera System for a Cherenkov Telescope Using Image Intensifiers
Takada, Hiroyuki HE 1.1Analysis of the Arrival Time of Serial Air Showers by Using Erlang Distribution and Poisson Distributon
Takahashi, Hirotaka OG 3.2Coincident Event Search Using TAMA300 and LISM Data
Takahashi, Nobusuke HE 1.4Numerical Results of the Improved Differential and Integral Cross Sections for Bremsstrahlung and Pair Production with the LPM Effect
Takahashi, Nobusuke HE 2.4The Three-Dimensional Propagation of High Energy Muon through Water
Takahashi, Ryuichi OG 3.5Wave Effects in Gravitational Lensing of Gravitational Waves from Chirping Binaries
Takahashi, Ryutaro OG 3.4Direct Measurement of Scattered Light Effect on the Sensitivity in TAMA300
Takahashi, Yoshiyuki HE 1.4Detection of Upward Air Showers with the EUSO Experiments
Takahashi, Yoshiyuki HE 3.3Z-Bursts with Hot Dark Matter (Relic Neutrinos) Generating the EUV and Soft X-Ray Glow in Cluster of Galaxies
Takasaki, Hiroyuki SH 1.3The Spatially Resolved Spectrum Analysis of Gradual Hardening Flare
Takashima, Takeshi SH 1.5The Development of the High Energy Particle Detector Onboad the SELENE Spacecraft
Takayanagi, Masahiro OG 1.5Compatibility of CALorimetric Electron Telescope (CALET) for JEM Exposed Facility on International Space Station
Takeda, Masahiro HE 1.3 Energy Determination in the Akeno Giant Air Shower Array Experiment
Takeda, Masahiro HE 1.5 Study on Wavelength Shifters and Multilayer Half-Mirror for High-QE PMT
Takei, Yasuhiro SH 1.1Solar Gamma Ray Events Detected by the GEOTAIL Plasma Instrument
Takizawa, Motokazu OG 1.4Particle Acceleration in Clusters of Galaxies
Tamada, Masanobu HE 3.1Observation of Penetrating Shower-Clusters in Chacaltaya Two-Storey Emulsion Chambers
Tamagawa, Toru OG 2.4Prompt Gamma-Ray Burst Alert System of the HETE-2 Spacecraft
Tamura, Tadahisa OG 1.5Development of a PMT Readout System with Viking Chips for the SciFi Detector of CALET
Tanaka, Hideki HE 1.1A Study of Nuclear Composition of Primary Cosmic Rays above 100 TeV
Tang, Y. Q.SH 2.2Time Determination of March 1991's CME Hitting Magnetosphere
Tang, Y. Q.SH 2.2Analysis of Tibet NM Data with Wavelet Transform Method
Tang, Y. Q.SH 2.3Wavelet Analysis of 27-Day Variation in Cosmic Ray Intensities Observed at Beijing Neutron Monitor
Tanizaki, Keisuke HE 2.1Geomagnetic Cutoff Effect on Atmospheric Muon Spectra at Ground Level
Tanuma, Syuniti OG 2.1MHD Simulations of Magnetic Reconnection in the Galaxy: The Origin of Diffuse X-Ray Gas and High Energy Particles
Tanuma, Syuniti SH 1.3MHD Simulations of the Internal Shocks in Magnetic Reconnection Jet in the Solar Flare: Possibility of the Particle Acceleration
Tashiro, Hiroyuki OG 3.1Gravitational Waves in Quintessential Inflation
Tateyama, Nobuhito OG 2.1Diffuse Gamma Rays from the Galactic Plane in the TeV Region
Tatsumi, Daisuke OG 3.2Current Status of TAMA300 Online Search for Inspiraling Binaries
Teramoto, Yoshiki HE 1.5Wide Area Small Air Shower Detection System Linked by Internet
Ter-Antonyan, Samvel V.HE 1.2Primary Cosmic-Ray Spectra in the Knee Region
Ter-Antonyan, Samvel V.HE 1.2About EAS Inverse Problem
Terasawa, Toshio SH 2.3The `Proton-Assisted' Generation Process of Whistler Waves at Interplanetary Shocks
Terasawa, Toshio SH 2.3Acceleration at the Earth's Bow Shock: Spatial Depencence of Acceleration Efficiency
Teshima, Masahiro HE 1.3Chemical Composition of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays Observed by AGASA
Teshima, Masahiro HE 1.3The Arrival Direction Distribution of Extremely High Energy Cosmic Rays Observed by AGASA
Teshima, Masahiro HE 1.5EUSO (the Extreme Universe Space Observatory) - Scientific Objectives -
Thompson, Lee F.HE 3.4Dark Matter Searches with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
Ticona, Rolando DanielOG 2.2Studies of Gamma Radiation above 1014 eV from Hadronless Air Shower at Chacaltaya
Timofeev, Vladislav E.SH 2.1Action on Cosmic Rays on Latent Energy of the Atmosphere
Timofeev, Vladislav E.SH 2.2Dynamics of Solar Energetic Particles in the Presence of a Shock Wave
Timofeev, Vladislav E.SH 3.4Effect of Regular Increase in the Galactic Cosmic Ray Intensity
Tinyakov, Peter HE 1.4Gamma-Ray Emission as a Tracer of UHECR Sources
Tiwari, Anil KumarSH 3.3Diurnal Wave Trains during Two Recent Consecutive Solar Cycle
Tiwari, Anil KumarSH 3.4Study of Long Term Cosmic Ray Daily Variation
Tiwari, Anil KumarSH 3.4Long-Term Cosmic Ray Modulation during Solar Cycles 19 to 23
Tkachev, Igor I.HE 1.4Correlations and Charge Composition of UHECR without Knowledge of Galactic Magnetic Field
Tkatchev, Leonid G.HE 1.3UHECR Study on Satellites in TUS/KLYPVE Experiments
Tkatchev, Leonid G.OG 1.5Performance of the Scintillator System Prototype of the NUCLEON Space Experiment
Tluczykont, Martin OG 2.3Observations of 54 Active Galactic Nuclei with the HEGRA Cherenkov Telescopes
Tokiwa, Masahiro HE 2.1Atmospheric Muon Measurements at Sea Level I: The Detector
Tokiwa, Masahiro HE 2.1Atmospheric Muon Measurements at Sea Level III: Muon Flux
Tokuno, Hisao HE 1.1The Chemical Composition of the Primary Cosmic Rays around the Knee Region by Measuring Lateral Distributions of Air Cherenkov Photons
Tolstaya, Ekaterina D.OG 1.1The Proton Spectrum in the 0.1-100 TeV Energy Range Obtained from Direct Measurements of the All-Particle Spectrum
Tolstaya, Ekaterina D.OG 1.1The Origin of Galactic Cosmic Ray Protons
Tolstaya, Ekaterina D.OG 1.1The GCR All-Particle Spectrum in the 0.1-100 TeV Energy Range
Tomaru, Takayuki OG 3.4Development of a Small Vibration Cryocooler for CLIO
Tonello, Nadia OG 2.2Observation of VHE Gamma Rays from the Remnant of SN 1006 with HEGRA CT1
Tonello, Nadia OG 2.3Study of the VHE Gamma Ray Emission from the AGN 1ES1959+650 with the HEGRA Cherenkov Telescope CT1
Tonwar, Suresh ChandraHE 1.1A Study of the Primary Composition at ~ 1014-1015 eV with the GRAPES-2 Array at Ooty
Tonwar, Suresh ChandraHE 3.3Search for Correlated Air Showers with GRAPES-2 and GRAPES-3 Arrays
Torii, Shoji OG 1.5High Energy Electron Observation by Polar Patrol Balloon Flight in Antarctica
Torii, Shoji OG 1.5The CALorimetric Electron Telescope, CALET, Mission for the International Space Station
Tsubaki, Shin-ya OG 2.3Evolution of Intracluster Cosmic Rays and Gamma-Ray Emission
Tsuchiya, Harufumi OG 2.4Expected Event Rate of Subhundred-GeV Gamma Ray Bursts Using the Tibet-III Air Shower Array with Single Particle Counting Technique
Tsuchiya, Ken'ichi OG 2.2Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Observations of the Galactic Center with the CANGAROO-II Telescope
Tsuji, Shuhei HE 2.1Atmospheric Muon Measurements at Sea Level II: A Maximum Likelihood Analysis
Tsuji, Shuhei HE 2.1Atmospheric Muon Measurements at Sea Level IV: Muon Charge Ratio
Tsunesada, Yoshiki OG 3.2Search for Gravitational Waves from Ringing-Down Black Holes
Turcan, Dusan OG 2.4Search for Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts Using Super-Kamiokande
Turu, Michi HE 3.3Mass Formulae for Particles
Turundaevsky, Andrey N.OG 1.5The KLEM-NUCLEON Instrument Detailed Simulation
Tylka, Allan J.SH 1.2Time-to-Maximum Studies and Inferred Ionic Charge States in the Solar Energetic Particle Events of 14 and 15 April 2001
Tylka, Allan J.SH 1.3Onsets and Release Times in Solar Particle Events


Uchiyama, Takashi OG 3.4Measurement of Outgassing from Multi-Layered Insulators for the Cryogenic Lase Interferometer Observatory
Udo, Shigeharu SH 3.3Galactic Anisotropy of Multi-TeV Cosmic-Ray Intensity Observed by the Tibet III Air Shower Array
Ueno, Masaru OG 2.2Non-Thermal and Supra-Thermal X-Rays from the Northeast Shell of W28
Unger, Michael HE 2.1Measurement of the Atmospheric Muon Spectrum from 20 to 2000 GeV
Urata, Yuji OG 2.4Early Optical Afterglow Spectra of GRB021004 by Kiso Observatory
Usoskin, Ilya SH 1.5REal-time COsmic Ray Database (RECORD)
Usoskin, Ilya G.SH 3.2Long-Term Cosmic Ray Modulation by Heliospheric Parameters: Non-linear Relations
Usoskin, Ilya G.SH 3.3Galactic Cosmic Ray Fluctuations: Long-Term Modulation of Power Spectrum
Usoskin, Ilya G.SH 3.4Long-Term Cosmic Ray Intensities: Physical Reconstruction


Vainio, Rami O.OG 1.4Monte Carlo Simulations of Electron Acceleration in Parallel Relativistic Shocks
Vainio, Rami O.SH 1.3Solar Energetic Particle Acceleration in Refracting Coronal Blast Waves
Vainio, Rami O.SH 2.1Energetic Particle Mean Free Path in the Wave Heated Solar Wind
Valdes-Galicia, Jose F.SH 1.5A New Solar Neutron Telescope in Mexico
Valdes-Galicia, Jose F.SH 3.4Long Term Cosmic Ray Variations in Association with Solar Magnetic Flux
Valdes-Galicia, Jose FranciscoSH 3.4Rigidity Dependence and Correlations with Solar Parameters of Galactic Cosmic Ray Intensity as Seen by Neutron Monitors
Vallania, Piero HE 1.5The ETscope Ground Array for the ULTRA Experiment
Vallania, Piero HE 1.5The ULTRA Experiment: A Supporting Activity for the Euso Project
Vallania, Piero OG 2.4Analysis of Single Particle Rates from the ARGO-YBJ Experiment
Vankov, Hristofor PetrovHE 1.4LPM Showers in the Atmosphere Taking into Account the Geomagnetic Field
Vankov, Hristofor PetrovHE 1.4Ultrahigh Energy Gamma Ray Cascading in the Geomagnetic Field and Its Development in the Atmosphere
Vannuccini, Elena OG 1.1Measurement of the Deuterium Flux in the Kinetic Energy Range 12-22 GeV/n with the CAPRICE98 Experiment
Vannuccini, Elena OG 1.5The Secondary Deuterium Spectrum at Small Atmospheric Depths
Vannuccini, Elena SH 1.5ADAMO, an Altazimuthal Detector for Atmospheric Cosmic-Ray Observation
Vannuccini, Elena SH 3.6The Secondary Proton Spectrum at Small Atmospheric Depths
Vashenyuk, Eduard V.SH 1.4Relativistic Solar Proton Dynamics in Large GLE of 23rd Solar Cycle
Vassiliev, Vladimir V.OG 2.3Search for TeV Annihilation Radiation from Supersymmetric Dark Matter in nearby Galaxies
Vassiliev, Vladimir V.OG 2.5VERITAS CFDs
Vazquez, Ricardo HE 1.4Analytical Time Structure of Muonic Showers
Vazquez, Ricardo HE 2.4Neutrinos from Cosmological Cosmic Rays
Vazquez, Ricardo HE 3.1Collective Behaviour in Nuclear Interactions and Shower Development
Veberic, Darko HE 1.3Pierre Auger Atmosphere-Monitoring Lidar System
Vernetto, Silvia OG 2.5Expected Sensitivity of ARGO-YBJ to Detect Point Gamma-Ray Sources
Villasenor, Luis HE 1.1Use of Neural Networks to Measure the Muon Contents of EAS Signals in a Water Cherenkov Detector
Vincent, Pascal OG 2.5Performance of the H.E.S.S. Cameras
Voelk, Heinrich J.OG 1.4Cosmic Ray Acceleration by Spiral Shocks in the Galactic Wind
Voelk, Heinrich J.OG 2.2Systematic Variation of Cosmic Ray Injection Across Supernova Shocks
Voelk, Heinrich J.OG 2.2Evidence for Efficient Cosmic Ray Acceleration in SN 1006


Wada, Tomonori HE 3.4Nuclearite Search with the TL Stack Detector at Ground Level
Wagner, Robert OG 2.3An AGN Observation Catalogue for the MAGIC Cherenkov Telescope
Wagner, Robert OG 2.5The Tracking System of the MAGIC Telescope
Wagner, Robert OG 2.5The MAGIC Analysis and Reconstruction Software
Wagner, Wolfgang HE 2.3New Capabilities of the AMANDA-II High Energy Neutrino Detector
Wakely, Scott P.OG 1.5Transition Radiation Detectors for Cosmic Rays near the Knee
Wakely, Scott P.OG 2.5The VERITAS Prototype
Wakely, Scott P.OG 2.5VERITAS Data Acquisition and Analysis Systems
Walker, Gary P.OG 2.3Whipple Telescope Observations of Potential TeV Gamma-Ray Sources Found by the Tibet Air Shower Array
Wang, Huanyu OG 2.4Gamma-Ray Burst Events Observed by SZ2/XD in 2001
Wang, Min-Zu HE 2.5Energy Fluctuation of Tau Leptons Emerging from Earth
Washburn, Kristine HE 2.3A Search for Astronomical Neutrino Sources with the Super-Kamiokande Detector
Watanabe, Kyoko SH 1.1Solar Neutron Event in Association with a Large Solar Flare on August 25, 2001
Watanabe, Kyoko SH 1.1Simultaneous Observations of Solar Neutrons in Association with a Large Solar Flare on June 6, 1991
Watanabe, Shio OG 2.2TeV Gamma-Ray Observations of the Supernova Remnant RCW86 with the CANGAROO-II Telescope
Watson, Alan AndrewHE 1.3A Critique of the Energy Estimates Made of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays Detected by the Yakutsk Array
Watson, Alan AndrewHE 1.3An Estimate of the Primary Mass of Cosmic Rays at 1018 eV as Inferred from Volcano Ranch Data
Weaver, B. A.OG 1.2Confidence Levels for Distinguishing Galactic Cosmic-Ray Source Models
Weaver, B. A.OG 1.5RIO: The R-Process Isotope Observer
Wefel, John P.OG 1.1The ATIC Science Flight in 2002-03: Description and Preliminary Results
Westerhoff, Stefan HE 1.5Checking the Pointing Accuracy of Air Fluorescence Detectors with Star Light
Westerhoff, Stefan HE 1.5GRaNDScan - An Experiment to Study Cosmic Ray Flux and Anisotropy around and below EeV
Wieczorek, Grzegorz J.HE 1.4On the Cherenkov Light Contribution to the Fluorescence of the Highest Energy Air Showers
Wiedenbeck, M. E.OG 1.2Refractory Nuclides in the Cosmic-Ray Source
Wiedenbeck, M. E.SH 1.2The 3He-Rich SEP Events of August 2002: Exceptional Elemental and Isotopic Composition Patterns at Energies above 10 MeV/Nucleon
Wiencke, Lawrence R.HE 1.3Probing the HiRes Aperture near 1020 eV with a Distant Laser
Wiencke, Lawrence R.HE 1.3“Shoot the Shower”: Probing Atmospheric Clarity of the Shower/Detector Plane at HiRes
Wiencke, Lawrence R.HE 1.3Atmospherics at HiRes
Wilczynska, Barbara HE 1.4Importance of Atmospheric Model in Shower Reconstruction
Wilczynski, Henryk HE 1.4Shower Fluorescence Light Profile Derived from CORSIKA
Wilczynski, Henryk HE 1.4Study of Shower Optical Image Based on Energy Deposits Derived from CORSIKA
Wolfendale, Arnold W.OG 2.2On the Origin of the `Identified' and `Unidentified' Gamma Ray Sources
Wolfendale, Arnold W.OG 2.2Can Gamma Ray Astronomy Disprove the Hypothesis That Cosmic Rays Originate in Supernova Remnants?


Xu, Yupeng HE 3.3Limits on Antiprotons in Space from the Shadowing of Cosmic Rays by the Moon
Xu, Yupeng OG 2.2A Search for Astrophysical Point Sources and a Solar Anisotropy Measurement


Yadav, Mahendra PratapSH 2.2Solar and Interplanetary Disturbances Causing Moderate Geomagnetic Storms
Yadav, Mahendra PratapSH 2.2Interplanetary Transients Causing Moderately Severe Geomagnetic Storms
Yakovlev, Vladimir IvanovichHE 1.1Angular Distribution of EAS at N > 107 Particles
Yakovlev, Vladimir IvanovichHE 1.1Comparison of Some Parameters of EAS Initiated by Light and Heavy Nuclei in the Region of Energy Spectrum Break
Yamamoto, Isao HE 1.1Search for Sporadic Enhancements of UHECR and Correlations with Cosmic Phenomena in LAAS Experiment
Yamamoto, Isao HE 1.1Radar Echo Detection System of EAS Ionization Columns as Part of a LAAS Detector Array
Yamamoto, Isao HE 1.5The Status and Future Prospect of the LAAS Project
Yamamoto, Kazuhiro OG 3.4Mechanical Loss of Reflective Coating at Low Temperature
Yamamoto, Tokonatsu HE 1.3Signal Fluctuations in the Auger Surface Detector
Yamamoto, Tokonatsu HE 1.4Propagation of Ultra-High Energy Nucleus in the Intergalactic Photon Field
Yamamoto, Yasuchika HE 2.1Measurements of the Absolute Flux of Atmospheric Muons with BESS
Yamamoto, Yoshiaki OG 2.1Search for Diffuse Gamma Rays from the Galactic Plane in Multi-TeV Region with the Tibet Air Shower Array
Yamashita, Taro OG 1.5Performance of 64-Multi-Anode Photomultiplier and Scintillating Fiber for the CALET Detector
Yamato, Kazuhiro OG 1.1Observation of Atmospheric Antiproton with BESS
Yamazaki, Ryo OG 2.2Magnetic Field Configurations in SN 1006 NE Rim
Yashin, Igor IvanovichHE 2.1Investigation of Muon Bundles in Horizontal Cosmic Ray Flux
Yashin, Igor IvanovichHE 2.1Measurements of Albedo Muon Intensity at the Earth's Surface
Yasue, Shin-ichi SH 1.5Design of a Recording System for a Muon Telescope Using FPGA and VHDL
Yodh, Gaurang B.HE 1.1 Single Unaccompanied Hadrons in Milagro and Surviving Primary Cosmic Ray Protons
Yodh, Gaurang B.HE 1.1The Array of Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes at Milagro to Study Cosmic Ray Composition
Yodh, Gaurang B.HE 3.3Search for Relic Neutralinos with Milagro
Yokoyama, Takaaki SH 1.3A Microwave Imaging Observation of an Electron Stream in a Solar Flare by Nobeyama Radioheliograph
Yoo, Jonghee HE 2.2A Study of Short-Time Periodic Variation of the 8B Solar Neutrino Flux at Super-Kamiokande
Yoshida, Atsumasa OG 2.4Spectral Properties of "Classical" GRBs Seen by HETE-2 Satellite
Yoshida, Kenji OG 1.3The Origin of High Energy Cosmic-Ray Electrons and nearby Supernova Remnants
Yoshida, Kenji OG 2.5Scientific Performance of the CALET Instrument for the 20MeV-10TeV Gamma-Ray Observation
Yoshida, Shigeru HE 2.3The IceCube High Energy Neutrino Telescope
Yoshida, Shigeru HE 2.4Propagation of Extremely High Energy Leptons in the Earth
Yoshida, Tatsuo OG 2.1Galactic Gamma-Ray Halo of the nearby Starburst Galaxy NGC 253
Yoshida, Tetsuya OG 1.5BESS-Polar Experiment
Yoshiguchi, Hiroyuki HE 1.4Small Scale Clustering in Isotropic Arrival Distribution of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
Yoshimori, Masato SH 1.1Energetics of Nonthermal Electrons and Protons in Intense Solar Flares
Yoshimori, Masato SH 3.6Seasonal Variations in 7Be Radioactivity Measured at Ground Level
Yoshimori, Masato SH 3.6Production of 7Be Nuclei in the Earth's Upper Atmosphere from Galactic Cosmic Rays and Solar Energetic Particles


Zabierowski, Janusz HE 1.1Investigation of the Muon Pseudorapidities in EAS with the Muon Tracking Detector of the KASCADE Experiment
Zabierowski, Janusz HE 1.1Muon Production Height from the Muon Tracking Detector in KASCADE
Zatsepin, Victor I.OG 1.1Rigidity Spectra of Protons and Helium as Measured in the First Flight of the ATIC Experiment
Zatsepin, Victor I.OG 1.1Experience of Application of Silicon Matrix as a Charge Detector in the ATIC Experiment
Zatsepin, Victor I.OG 1.1Comparison of Measured and Simulated Albedo Signals in the ATIC Experiment
Zech, Andreas HE 1.4Testing the HiRes Detector Simulation Against UHECR Data
Zenitani, Seiji OG 1.4A Plasma Sheet as a Source of Non-Thermal Particles - Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection and Relativistic Drift Kink Instability in e± Plasmas
Zepeda Dominguez, Arnulfo HE 2.1ACORDE, a Cosmic Ray Detector in ALICE. Firsts Simulation Studies
Zhang, Jilong OG 2.2Observation of Multi-TeV Gamma Rays from the Shell-Like SNR GC40.5-0.5 Using the Tibet Air Shower Array
Zhang, Ming SH 2.1Perpendicular Diffusion and Drift of Solar Energetic Particles in Heliospheric Magnetic Fields
Zhang, Ming SH 3.2Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays near and beyond the Termination Shock
Zhou, Dazhuang OG 1.5Dose Equivalent, Absorbed Dose and Charge Spectrum Measurements Made in the International Space Station Orbit
Zhou, Xunxiu OG 2.4Search for TeV GRBs Using the Tibet-III ASg Data
Zhu, Qing-Qi HE 3.1Nature of 100 TeV Hadronic Interactions in the Forward Region Seen from Muon Data of the L3+C Experiment
Zhu, Quingqi HE 2.1Electron and Muon Densities from Cosmic Ray Showers in the Energy Range of 0.1 to 10 PeV, Measured at L3+C
Zimmermann, Dirk HE 2.1The Cosmic Ray Muon Spectrum and Charge Ratio in CosmoALEPH
Zornoza, Juan-de-Dios HE 2.5Study of Photomultiplier Tubes for the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
Zuccon, Paolo SH 3.6A Calculation of the Radiation Environment for Satellite Experiments Operating below the Van Allen Belts
Zweerink, Jeffrey A.OG 2.5Using GHz FADCs to Reject Hadrons from STACEE Data