Post-conference proceedings for ICRC2003

  Every Plenary/Highlight/Rapporteur session speaker is kindly requested to follow the instructions listed below for preparing a manuscript of the talk and submitting it to the post-conference proceedings.

Deadline and Paper length limit

  The deadline for proceedings submission is Oct 31, 2003. The length of your paper is as follows;

Plenary talks

within 20 pages
(within 30 pages for a paper by T.C.Weekes, T.Kifune and H.Voelk)

Highlight talks

within 10 pages

Rapporteur sessions

about 20 pages

How to prepare your manuscript

Your proceedings paper should be formatted by the LaTeX system in accordance with the ICRC2003 style guideline specified by a style file prepared by ICRC2003 LOC. For submission, we require to send a SINGLE archive file which contains following files:

  1. A LaTeX Source text file named with your family name (e.g. author.tex if your family name is author) created using the style file specialized for ICRC2003 proceedings: [Note that we accept only LaTeX files using this style as it is. If you need other format (MSword), please contact LOC to the e-mail address shown at the bottom of this page.]
  2. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) or PS (PostScript) figure(s) if any (e.g. figure1.eps) [See the sample source to see how to include figures in your paper.]
  3. A PDF (Portable Document Format) file generated by the LaTeX source and figures (e.g. author.pdf) [We need a PDF file in order to ensure the final image of your proceedings paper looks like what you expect.]

These files must be archived to a single file for submission in gzipped tar, ZIP, LZH or SIT format (see "Tips" below).

Here is an example session of preparing an archive file on UNIX-based systems:

# vi author.tex [edit a LaTeX source file]
# convert figure.gif figure.eps [convert a GIF graphic file to EPS]
# latex author [compile the source to get a DVI file]
# dvipdfm author [convert the DVI file to PDF]
# ls
  author.tex author.pdf figure.eps tsukuba.sty
# tar cvfz author.tgz author.tex figure.eps author.pdf [make an archive]
Then author.tgz is the archive file to be e-mailed.

About the style file

The sample file shown above itself is an instruction of using the style file "tsukuba.sty" [icrc2003.pdf ]. Source in gzipped tar is here ("icrc2003.tar.gz").

Tips for LaTeX typesetting, PDF generation and archiving

How to submit your manuscript

  1. Your manuscript should be ready following the instruction above. (It should be a SINGLE file in a compressed archive format. )
  2. Please send archived file as e-mail attachment to "".

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Inquiry about the style file: Universal Academy Press []
General inquiry on proceedings:
LOC proceedings desk []
Last update: April 16, 2003

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